257xR Lighting Ballast Analyzer

The 257xR ballast analyzers have been adopted by ballast/lighting manufacturers worldwide because of their greatly enhanced technological capabilities, greatly reduced setup and maintenance requirements and low cost of ownership.

With the 257xR, up to four tubes and four ballasts can be tested in a fraction of a second for every key parameter, including peak inrush, striking and light efficiency (when used with a light monitor.) With a capacity of 2,000 measurements per second on each of up to 30 signals, the only limitation to testing throughput is the speed of your production line.

Xitron 257xR Ballast analyzer

XT1600 Portable Micro-Spectrometer

The XiTRON XT1600 micro-spectrometer provides unparalleled performance and flexibility in a portable, battery-powered instrument.

The XT1600 micro-spectrometer captures any visible light and immediately displays the full spectrum and all test data. The spectrometer features an intuitive touch panel interface and automated report generation.

vitrek xitron 1600 microspectrometer

1500 Line/Load Chassis

The 1500 Line/Load Chassis features 12 slots per chassis for most combinations of the following:

  • Line switches, programmable from 0-360° turn on.
  • Fixed Resistance Tube Load Cards, 100W, 200W, 300W.
  • Variable Resistance Load Cards, 60W.
  • Fixed Triple Resistance Load Cards, 60W.
  • Conduction Angle Controller, programmable from 0-360° conduction.
  • Tube Load Card allows user to connect actual tubes or custom loads.
Xitron Vitrek 1500 Load Chassis

2000 Series Portable Calibration Instrument

Vitrek’s XiTRON 2000 Series of portable calibrators is field proven. These rugged devices are built for reliability from the ground up. The devices push the envelope for DC calibration, temperature simulation and measurement accuracy. Both models are available with battery-powered options.

vitrek xitron 2000 portable calibration instrument

6250/6000 Series Phase Angle Voltmeter (PAV)

Using the most advanced digital signal processing technology, Vitrek’s 6250/6000 family of Phase Angle Voltmeters (PAV) delivers true accuracy and versatility at the touch of a button. Phase Angle Voltmeters provide direct readouts of phase insensitive, phase sensitive and harmonic data. Units automatically calculate and display results. Self-calibration and testing capability ensures the most accurate results possible.

vitrek xitron phase angle voltmeter PAV

XT560B Digital Milliohmmeter

The XT560B Digital Milliohmmeter is a dedicated, fully automatic instrument that selects the optimal test current, from 100nA to 100mA DC to accurately measure resistances from 10μΩ to 33MΩ. The XT560B will auto range between 9 ranges, or can be manually set to a fi xed range.

The XT560B includes a set of Kelvin test clip leads for making four-terminal measurements. The XT560B is ideal for measuring wiring or cable resistances, windings of motors or generators, lamp fi laments, cable splices, wire-to-terminal resistances, heating elements, contact resistance of breakers or switches, connector quality/resistance, fuse resistances, transformers, and grounding connections.

vitrek xitron xt560 milliohmmeter