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Will Solar Roofs Ever Be a Thing?

Elon Musk, the ambitious founder of Tesla and the chairman of SolarCity (which is in proceedings to be acquired by Tesla), recently painted a tantalizing picture on an earnings call. Musk suggested that SolarCity is working on what he termed a “solar panels for roofs.” This project will have a big effect in terms of [...]

Will the Manufacturer of Your Power Analyzer Be Around Tomorrow?

Anytime your company invests in a piece of equipment, like a power analyzer or a high voltage meter, it is important to take the company’s reputation and longevity into consideration. You want to make sure you are working with a trustworthy and reliable company, not only because the quality of your equipment depends upon it, [...]

A High Quality Power Analyzer That Will Fit Your Research Budget

Are you conducting research that requires you to measure and analyze the power consumption of electronic devices? If you are working out of a university, then chances are that you are laboring under a tight budget. You want the most accurate and detailed power measurements possible, but that doesn’t mean you have to blow your [...]

Is Your Hipot Tester Calibrated Correctly?

When it comes to testing power output and potential power leakage, you want to be sure your numbers are accurate, down to the last VAC, KVDC, or nano-amp. At Vitrek, we stand behind our six different models of hipot testers, but even the most reliable and rugged piece of equipment needs to be recalibrated every [...]

Energy Consumption from Appliances On the Rise

As the summer months begin to heat up the country, many homeowners will once again walk that difficult tightrope of trying to keep cool while protecting their utility bill from air conditioning overload. These months always see a big spike in energy usage; fortunately, as newer homes become more efficient at regulating temperature, that energy [...]

Energy Leakage Increases Costs and Risks

Your mother might have been fond of saying, “waste not, want not,” especially when she served you lima beans for dinner. She had a point though! As a business owner, you know that every little bit of waste can add up. If your employees use the printer for personal use, for example, it may not [...]

V71 Hipot Tester is Absolutely Amazing!

  Customer Testimonial for the V7 Series Electrical Testers, the V7X provides unbeatable speed, accuracy, user safety and reliability. THANK YOU ! The V71 Hipot Tester is absolutely amazing! Saved us hours of reprogramming, like what to put up with using our old Chinese made Quad-Tech Guardian 1000. You were correct; even an old engineer like me [...]

Performing a Continuity Test Can Save Lives

If you manufacture electrical devices, then you always want to ensure that the device is safe for your employees, the users of your devices, and anyone who might come in contact with the device. Anytime that you are dealing with a device that conducts electricity, you must make sure that the earth ground pin of [...]

Our Hipot Testers Are Made in America

A few years ago, we decided to make a big switch to our lineup of hipot testers. At the time, we were importing our low cost series of testers from China, and we wanted to upgrade the model to something that was easier to use. After a lot of work, we designed our current V7X [...]

Daily Performance Verification of your Hipot / Electrical Safety Tester

If you are doing 100% electrical safety testing on the products that you manufacture, did you know that your NRTL (nationally recognized testing lab - such as UL, ETL, CSA, and TUV) typically require that that you also do a daily performance test on your hipot tester? When you think about it, it makes a [...]