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Average Household Consumption of Energy Is Decreasing, but Still Room for Improvement

The increasing focus by the U.S. public on energy conservation seems to be having a noticeable effect. Despite the fact that are our homes are getting bigger and that we are plugging in more electronics than ever, a Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) has found that the energy consumption of the average U.S. household has [...]

Just Because You Want a High-Quality Harmonic Power Analyzer Doesn’t Mean You Have to Pay an Arm and a Leg For It!

Whenever a business owner needs to invest in a new piece of business equipment, the eternal struggle begins between quality and price. No business owner wants to overpay for equipment, but neither do they want a low-functioning piece of junk that gives them half the features they really need and breaks down after the first [...]

Speed Up Employee Training on High Voltage Meter Measurement

Every employer faces the same conundrum when hiring on new employees. You want to give your employees plenty of time to train and practice on all of your equipment so that they learn it right. At the same time, each day that they spend in training is a day they aren’t working and earning for [...]

Hipot Testing Can Support Your Defense Against a Lawsuit

Even if you make the safest product imaginable, someone somewhere is still likely to find a way to injure themselves using it. If your product requires an electrical charge, the risk of a consumer injury grows exponentially. A customer lawsuit claiming that your product is defective and caused an injury can be a devastating blow [...]

One Investment Can Speed up Hipot Testing and Keep Your Workers Safe!

Time is money, which is why employers are always on the prowl for new ways to increase worker productivity. This is especially important for small businesses with a limited staff. If your business requires your employees to learn More information on a regular basis, there is just no reason why your workers should be performing [...]

How Much Power is Your Product Using?

If you are designing a new electronic product, you may feel like you must consider endless factors. Does the product function smoothly and intuitively? Is the design and interface attractive? One factor that is easy to overlook is: how much power does your product use? Don’t let this question slip through the cracks. Today’s consumers [...]

Are Your Solar Panels Giving Your Company the Power You Need?

Solar panels are appearing on the roofs and properties of businesses throughout the United States, from wineries to restaurants and even golf courses. As energy prices continue to rise, many businesses are starting to see the value of solar panels, both as an energy cost-savings measure and as a brand enhancer. Adopting solar panels may [...]

There’s No Reason to Overpay for a Hipot Tester

Hipot testers allow you to prevent injury and possibly even death, by testing electrical circuits to make sure they are safe and free from breakdowns or excessive leakage current. If you need to purchase a hipot tester to do electrical safety testing on your products, there is no reason for you to pay sky high [...]

Don’t Even Think About Manual Hipot Testing of Multiple Test Points

Your boss informs you that you’ve got to hipot a 64 conductor cable. Sure, you might feel comfortable performing manual hipot tests for smaller systems, but don’t even think about trying to manually test a job this big. Too Slow: First of all, it will take forever to manually test a 64 conductor cable. You’ve [...]

Get Better Results for Your Groundbreaking Research that Requires High Voltage Measurement

The scientists, doctorate students, professors, and researchers who spend innumerable hours in the lab chasing innovation are the ones who pave the future for all of humanity. We understand this, and we want to make sure researchers who require extreme accuracy in measuring AC & DC voltage have the tools they need, which is why [...]