Economical Hipot Testers

Only Need a High Voltage Switching System for a Short Time or Single Job?

If you need to test multiple conductors to make sure that each one is properly isolated for the others, it really helps to have a high voltage switching system. Otherwise, you’ll need to manually test each conductor individually, which is not only labor intensive, but also prone to errors. However, if you don’t need to [...]

95 X Series Hipot Tester vs. the V7X Series Hipot Tester, Which Is the Right Choice for You?

At Vitrek, we offer our customers two primary series of hipot and electrical safety testers: the 95X Series and V7X Series. Both options provide users with a variety of test functions and highly reliable results, so you can’t really go wrong, regardless of which series you choose. However, there are distinct differences between the series, [...]

Energy Leakage Increases Costs and Risks

Your mother might have been fond of saying, “waste not, want not,” especially when she served you lima beans for dinner. She had a point though! As a business owner, you know that every little bit of waste can add up. If your employees use the printer for personal use, for example, it may not [...]

Our Hipot Testers Are Made in America

A few years ago, we decided to make a big switch to our lineup of hipot testers. At the time, we were importing our low cost series of testers from China, and we wanted to upgrade the model to something that was easier to use. After a lot of work, we designed our current V7X [...]

There’s No Reason to Overpay for a Hipot Tester

Hipot testers allow you to prevent injury and possibly even death, by testing electrical circuits to make sure they are safe and free from breakdowns or excessive leakage current. If you need to purchase a hipot tester to do electrical safety testing on your products, there is no reason for you to pay sky high [...]