Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer

How Electricity Could Make Your Equipment or Product Dangerous

You probably learned as a young child that it is not a good idea to stick a fork in the light socket. Electrical shocks can cause serious physical harm or even death. However, the danger of electricity isn’t always as straightforward as not jabbing utensils into sockets. A poorly kept-up workspace or even a product [...]

The Death of Over 300 Reindeer Shows How Deadly Electricity Can Be

A grisly scene emerged on an idyllic hillside in Norway on Friday, August 26th, 2016, when over 300 dead reindeer were discovered. Experts have now concluded that the culprit of the mass slaughter was a lightning strike. The conclusion that lightning could kill so many animals has drawn skepticism, but a better understanding of the [...]

V71 Hipot Tester is Absolutely Amazing!

  Customer Testimonial for the V7 Series Electrical Testers, the V7X provides unbeatable speed, accuracy, user safety and reliability. THANK YOU ! The V71 Hipot Tester is absolutely amazing! Saved us hours of reprogramming, like what to put up with using our old Chinese made Quad-Tech Guardian 1000. You were correct; even an old engineer like me [...]

Performing a Continuity Test Can Save Lives

If you manufacture electrical devices, then you always want to ensure that the device is safe for your employees, the users of your devices, and anyone who might come in contact with the device. Anytime that you are dealing with a device that conducts electricity, you must make sure that the earth ground pin of [...]

Hipot Testing Can Support Your Defense Against a Lawsuit

Even if you make the safest product imaginable, someone somewhere is still likely to find a way to injure themselves using it. If your product requires an electrical charge, the risk of a consumer injury grows exponentially. A customer lawsuit claiming that your product is defective and caused an injury can be a devastating blow [...]

There’s No Reason to Overpay for a Hipot Tester

Hipot testers allow you to prevent injury and possibly even death, by testing electrical circuits to make sure they are safe and free from breakdowns or excessive leakage current. If you need to purchase a hipot tester to do electrical safety testing on your products, there is no reason for you to pay sky high [...]