Electrical Safety Testing

How Valuable Is the Safety of Your Employees?

Any company that sells a product is highly aware of consumer safety. Every product that goes to market is thoroughly tested to make sure it poses the smallest amount of risk possible to consumers, but what about your employees? Are you just as cautious and concerned about their safety? Do you have fall protection Los [...]

Energy Consumption from Appliances On the Rise

As the summer months begin to heat up the country, many homeowners will once again walk that difficult tightrope of trying to keep cool while protecting their utility bill from air conditioning overload. These months always see a big spike in energy usage; fortunately, as newer homes become more efficient at regulating temperature, that energy [...]

Energy Leakage Increases Costs and Risks

Your mother might have been fond of saying, “waste not, want not,” especially when she served you lima beans for dinner. She had a point though! As a business owner, you know that every little bit of waste can add up. If your employees use the printer for personal use, for example, it may not [...]

Performing a Continuity Test Can Save Lives

If you manufacture electrical devices, then you always want to ensure that the device is safe for your employees, the users of your devices, and anyone who might come in contact with the device. Anytime that you are dealing with a device that conducts electricity, you must make sure that the earth ground pin of [...]

Hipot Testers Can Help You Identify Dangerous or Even Deadly Small Gaps in the Insulation Between Conductors

Whenever electricity flows through a device, there is always a chance of harm if the manufacturer or the operator are not careful. In some instances, these risks can be difficult to spot. One of the most dangerous and often overlooked risks is small gap in the insulation between conductors that carry a current. Most of [...]