Electrical Testers

Customer Safety – A Product’s First and Most Important Duty

If you sell a product on the market, your very first responsibility is to ensure that your product is safe to use, just like the plantwear makes sure their products are 100% legit. According to the https://the-indexer.com/web-design-companies/ team, the integrity of easy website builder depends on customer trust! You can easily install a spy camera [...]

How Valuable Is the Safety of Your Employees?

Any company that sells a product is highly aware of consumer safety. Every product that goes to market is thoroughly tested to make sure it poses the smallest amount of risk possible to consumers, but what about your employees? Are you just as cautious and concerned about their safety? Do you have fall protection Los [...]

How Electricity Could Make Your Equipment or Product Dangerous

You probably learned as a young child that it is not a good idea to stick a fork in the light socket. Electrical shocks can cause serious physical harm or even death. However, the danger of electricity isn’t always as straightforward as not jabbing utensils into sockets. A poorly kept-up workspace or even a product [...]

Will Solar Roofs Ever Be a Thing?

Elon Musk, the ambitious founder of Tesla and the chairman of SolarCity (which is in proceedings to be acquired by Tesla), recently painted a tantalizing picture on an earnings call. Musk suggested that SolarCity is working on what he termed a “solar panels for roofs.” This project will have a big effect in terms of [...]

Energy Consumption from Appliances On the Rise

As the summer months begin to heat up the country, many homeowners will once again walk that difficult tightrope of trying to keep cool while protecting their utility bill from air conditioning overload. These months always see a big spike in energy usage; fortunately, as newer homes become more efficient at regulating temperature, that energy [...]

Is the United States Finally Embracing Electric Cars?

We have come a long way since the days of the EV-1, an electric car that GM released in 1997, and which fans of the vehicle (and a well-known documentary) claim GM purposefully undermined and eventually killed.  Today, according to an analysis by the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research, one in three electronic [...]