Signatec Whitepaper: Real-Time High-Speed Data Acquisition on PC-Based System Platforms

By Gerald Allgaier, Systems Specialist and Bob Fitzgerald, Application Specialist - Vitrek For many measurements that require the capture and processing of analog data, data throughput speed and conversion resolution are the two most important considerations. Typical examples include Radar, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Ultrasound Imaging, Non- Destructive Testing (NDT), [...]

GaGe White Paper: ENOB: The Best Digitizer Performance Metric

   Introduction Figure 1. GaGe High-Speed Digitizers including PC Oscilloscope Software, powerful SDKs for custom application development and turnkey integrated PC-based measurement systems.   While the nominal vertical resolution of a high-speed waveform digitizer (specified in bits) is often promoted, its true performance is provided by its measured Dynamic Parameters and in [...]


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