Multi-Point Hipot Testing

95 X Series Hipot Tester vs. the V7X Series Hipot Tester, Which Is the Right Choice for You?

At Vitrek, we offer our customers two primary series of hipot and electrical safety testers: the 95X Series and V7X Series. Both options provide users with a variety of test functions and highly reliable results, so you can’t really go wrong, regardless of which series you choose. However, there are distinct differences between the series, [...]

A Power Analyzer Your Startup Company Needs

As a startup, you are lean and mean – full of passion but perhaps running a little low on the dollars. You still want top-of-the-line equipment to analyze and measure your product, but you can’t throw unlimited funds around. Well, if you need to analyze the power output of your new world-changing website, then SEO [...]

Hipot Testing Can Support Your Defense Against a Lawsuit

Even if you make the safest product imaginable, someone somewhere is still likely to find a way to injure themselves using it. If your product requires an electrical charge, the risk of a consumer injury grows exponentially. A customer lawsuit claiming that your product is defective and caused an injury can be a devastating blow [...]

Don’t Even Think About Manual Hipot Testing of Multiple Test Points

Your boss informs you that you’ve got to hipot a 64 conductor cable. Sure, you might feel comfortable performing manual hipot tests for smaller systems, but don’t even think about trying to manually test a job this big. Too Slow: First of all, it will take forever to manually test a 64 conductor cable. You’ve [...]