Power Efficiency Measurement

Will Solar Roofs Ever Be a Thing?

Elon Musk, the ambitious founder of Tesla and the chairman of SolarCity (which is in proceedings to be acquired by Tesla), recently painted a tantalizing picture on an earnings call. Musk suggested that SolarCity is working on what he termed a “solar panels for roofs.” This project will have a big effect in terms of [...]

Will the Manufacturer of Your Power Analyzer Be Around Tomorrow?

Anytime your company invests in a piece of equipment, like a power analyzer or a high voltage meter, it is important to take the company’s reputation and longevity into consideration. You want to make sure you are working with a trustworthy and reliable company, not only because the quality of your equipment depends upon it, [...]

Is Your Hipot Tester Calibrated Correctly?

When it comes to testing power output and potential power leakage, you want to be sure your numbers are accurate, down to the last VAC, KVDC, or nano-amp. At Vitrek, we stand behind our six different models of hipot testers, but even the most reliable and rugged piece of equipment needs to be recalibrated every [...]

Are Your Solar Panels Giving Your Company the Power You Need?

Solar panels are appearing on the roofs and properties of businesses throughout the United States, from wineries to restaurants and even golf courses. As energy prices continue to rise, many businesses are starting to see the value of solar panels, both as an energy cost-savings measure and as a brand enhancer. Adopting solar panels may [...]