Precision High Voltage Measurement

95 X Series Hipot Tester vs. the V7X Series Hipot Tester, Which Is the Right Choice for You?

At Vitrek, we offer our customers two primary series of hipot and electrical safety testers: the 95X Series and V7X Series. Both options provide users with a variety of test functions and highly reliable results, so you can’t really go wrong, regardless of which series you choose. However, there are distinct differences between the series, [...]

Speed Up Employee Training on High Voltage Meter Measurement

Every employer faces the same conundrum when hiring on new employees. You want to give your employees plenty of time to train and practice on all of your equipment so that they learn it right. At the same time, each day that they spend in training is a day they aren’t working and earning for [...]

Get Better Results for Your Groundbreaking Research that Requires High Voltage Measurement

The scientists, doctorate students, professors, and researchers who spend innumerable hours in the lab chasing innovation are the ones who pave the future for all of humanity. We understand this, and we want to make sure researchers who require extreme accuracy in measuring AC & DC voltage have the tools they need, which is why [...]