Whitepaper: How to Work Safely with High-Voltage Test & Measurement Equipment

How to Work Safely with High-Voltage Test & Measurement Equipment Vitrek’s advanced 4700 High Voltage Meter and SmartProbes offer alternative to legacy approach to calibrating high-voltage systems. INTRODUCTION When working with high-voltage test and measurement equipment, electrical and test engineers strive to achieve the most precise readings possible while also maintaining [...]

MTI Whitepaper: Easy Roller Gap Measurement Ensures Calendering Success

Easy Roller Gap Measurement Ensures Calendering Success Many roll-to-roll finishing processes typically use a calender, or series of hard pressure rollers, to deliver smooth, high-quality products of plastic, textile, or paper (Fig 1). Ensuring a consistent material thickness, however, depends on the ability to monitor, and maintain, a precise gap between rollers. This application [...]

Signatec Whitepaper: Real-Time High-Speed Data Acquisition on PC-Based System Platforms

By Gerald Allgaier, Systems Specialist and Bob Fitzgerald, Application Specialist - Vitrek For many measurements that require the capture and processing of analog data, data throughput speed and conversion resolution are the two most important considerations. Typical examples include Radar, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Ultrasound Imaging, Non- Destructive Testing (NDT), [...]

Vitrek’s Automated Testing System Simplifies and Speeds Automotive Cable/Harness Testing

Vitrek's Automated Testing System Simplifies and Speeds Automotive Cable/Harness Testing Testing system combines a hipot tester with Vitrek’s 964i switching system and QT Enterprise software; the automated approach enables manufacturers to configure tests easily and access historical data Introduction With 20 or more harnesses, many interfacing with digital control devices, [...]

White Paper: High Performance Test Equipment Assures LED Lighting Products Comply with Industry Standards

   Introduction Manufacturers and users of LED lighting applications need to be assured that their products will be qualified according to a multitude of reliability and efficiency standards. In addition to voluntary initiatives and programs like EnergyStar, mandatory standards and specifications for the lighting industry must be kept in mind during project development, including [...]

GaGe White Paper: ENOB: The Best Digitizer Performance Metric

   Introduction Figure 1. GaGe High-Speed Digitizers including PC Oscilloscope Software, powerful SDKs for custom application development and turnkey integrated PC-based measurement systems.   While the nominal vertical resolution of a high-speed waveform digitizer (specified in bits) is often promoted, its true performance is provided by its measured Dynamic Parameters and in [...]

White Paper: Hipot Testing of Military/Aerospace Interconnect Components

   Introduction Operational performance and safety are paramount concerns when determining the acceptability of a range of interconnection products in military and aerospace applications. Connectors and relays, wires, wire bundled into cables and harnesses, all must be tested against stringent standards. The number and range of these standards is mind-numbing — and this paper [...]

White Paper: Electrical Safety & Compliance Testing for Appliance & Consumer Product Manufacturers

   Introduction Electrical appliances, computers and peripherals, power tools and other devices found in the home and office environments must be tested to confirm adherence to a plethora of stringent certification standards. The vast array of consumer devices for the home and office — from blenders and ovens to computers and high-definition LED TVs [...]

White Paper: Cable & Connector Test System Facilitates Multi-Point High Voltage/Current Testing

    Introduction Hipot testing is critical in assuring compliance with a host of electrical safety standards and in confirming the assembled product is free from electrical or mechanical defects. Hipot testers are used to measure leakage current and insulation resistance between all components and connections, confirm solid ground connections and test ground bonds. [...]


White Paper: Precision Power Analyzers – August, 2019

   All the tools needed to study and optimize virtually any power project in a single instrument Introduction The design of any power conversion system requires the measurement of a large range of electrical parameters that could be made using a lab bench full of instruments. The precision power analyzer pulls all of these [...]



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