At Vitrek, we do more than just design and build high-quality electrical testing equipment — we ensure that our customers have all of the tools that they need to succeed when using our products. Here, we offer an overview of the plethora of educational resources that we have available on our website.


One way that we offer support for our customers is through our free, live webinars. These virtual training sessions cover a variety of topics, including product demonstrations, safety tips, and industry-specific applications. You can view our upcoming webinars and pre-register to attend this completely free webinar. At the end of each session, attendees are also given the opportunity to ask any questions. If you missed it, we have an archive with recordings of all of our previous webinars.

We’re also excited to begin offering FREE one-on-one application and product reviews so that our team of experts can assist you with your unique challenges. You can schedule your one-hour review here.

Product Education and Training

In our product education and training section, you’ll find:

  • An archive of our previous webinars: View past webinars that you missed, or find training relevant to your application. Some of the previous topics that we’ve covered are:
    • Software Automation of Electrical Safety Testing
    • Consumer Product Testing & Compliance
    • Compliance Testing for the Lighting Industry
    • Working Safely with High Voltage & Hipot Testers
  • Product videos: Find videos for how to set up some of our products, as well as basic operating procedures and product overviews.
  • Technical videos: Watch videos to assist you with repairs, control board replacements, and more.

You can also find our full video library on our YouTube channel.

Download Library

Lose your user guide or manual? Trying to compare datasheets with technical specifications to present to your manager? Need to download the latest firmware for your device? You can find everything you need for all of our current products in our download library. Still using one of our legacy products? We have a download library available for them as well.

If you’re searching for the right product, you can also view our entire product catalog online or as a downloadable PDF file.

Articles, Whitepapers, and Case Studies

In this section of our website, you’ll find articles where Vitrek has been featured in various publications. There are also whitepapers that review some of the fundamentals of electrical safety testing, along with detailed information about some of our products and how they can meet your measurement needs. Lastly, there are case studies detailing the success that other organizations have had using our products.

Learn More

If you require technical support, need assistance in deciding which of our product models is the best fit for your specific application, or have any other questions, know that our team of experts is always ready to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.