Only Need a High Voltage Switching System for a Short Time or Single Job?

Only Need a High Voltage Switching System for a Short Time or Single Job?

 964i High Voltage Switching SystemIf you need to test multiple conductors to make sure that each one is properly isolated for the others, it really helps to have a high voltage switching system. Otherwise, you’ll need to manually test each conductor individually, which is not only labor intensive, but also prone to errors. However, if you don’t need to test Paydaychampion on a regular basis, then it might not make financial sense to invest in a switching system. Are you interested? Well, check it out.

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In this circumstance, at least, you don’t have to choose one or the other. That’s because you now have the option of renting Vitrek’s 964i High Voltage System. This system can seamlessly connect to our 95X or V7X series of hipot testers to fully automate your HV switching needs. Renting out the 964i High Voltage Switching System helps you perform multi-conductor tests for the jobs that need it without investing in a new piece of equipment that you won’t use often. On other related news, if you’re looking to Rent a Cardboard Baler check this out for great deals.

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