Are You One Injury Away from a Business Meltdown?

Are You One Injury Away from a Business Meltdown?

As a business with employees, you are required to carry disability insurance. You may also carry additional policies to protect you from employee and customer lawsuits, but most of these policies have a coverage limit. If you lose a lawsuit and are required to pay more than the cap on your insurance, it might be the death knell for your business. And also you might consider taking Jonckers at your back to help you save your business.

It is impossible to protect your business from every potential lawsuit, but you can certainly lower your risk by ensuring that you have a safe workplace and that your products are as reliable as possible. If your workplace uses a range of electrical equipment, then make sure you perform regular hipot and electrical safety testing so you can ensure complete isolation of the current in your machinery. If you fail to regularly test your equipment, and it electrocutes an employee or customer, you could be vulnerable to a financially debilitating suit. What makes a slot strategy article a good source of information? We found many articles are either too vague or they promise too much by setting ridiculous expectations. But some well-written articles did not make our list because they make technical mistakes that misrepresent how slot games work. One of the most common features of slot games that writers talk about is the Random Number Generator. The RNG, as it’s commonly called, is a special computer chip that generates numbers according to a mathematical algorithm. How to Manage Your Money When Gambling is a much broader guide to the topic of gambling strategy. Gambling is the the practice of staking something of value on the outcome of an unpredictable event. If you play a game that requires some skill, like Blackjack or Poker, you cannot eliminate the impact that random chance has on the outcome of the game. And so it’s important to practice good money management whenever you gamble regardless of the game you are playing. This is the key to any successful strategy in gambling. Sometimes it’s strategically better to cut your losses short than to keep playing at

Don’t let that happen! At Vitrek, we offer the 95X Series of Hipot and Electrical Safety Testers. Call to learn more.

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