• SE-2420-9

    Vitrek SE Series Safety Enclosure - SE-2420-9- 95x Compatible: Outside: 24”w x 20”d x 12.5”h Inside: 22”w x 18” d x 11”h
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  • SE-3624-9

    Vitrek SE Series Safety Enclosure - SE-3624-9 - 95x Compatible: Outside: 36”w x 24”d x 16”h Inside: 33”w x 21” d x 14.625”h
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  • SE-5037-9

    Vitrek SE Series Safety Enclosure - SE-5037-9 - 95x Compatible: Outside: 50”w x 37”d x 50”h with legs, Inside:47”w x 34.5" d x 15.75”h, Work Surface 31.5"
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  • SE-MAT

    3' x 4' Optional Insulation Mat for use with SE Series Safety Enclosures
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  • QTE-9

    QT Enterprise Sofware License Key for use with 98x an 95x products.
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  • GPIB-9

    Optional GPIB Interface
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  • HSS-2

    DUT Isolation Option. Option HSS-2 adds the ability to measure DC breakdown and/or leakage into a grounded DUT with higher resolution than HSS-1. Maximum current capabilities are further reduced. (This option may be fitted in a 951i, 952i, or 956i Hipot Tester or 981i Teraohmmeter/IR Tester)
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  • RM-1

    Rack Mount Kit
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  • RFS-95

    Remote Start Foot Switch
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  • USB-1

    USB A to B Cable 6ft (95X/4700 to printer or V7X/PA900 to PC)
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  • RS-2

    Female to Female Null Modem RS232 (Serial) Cable 6ft
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  • Vitrek ISO 17025 Accredited Cal Cert (with purchase). Upgrade from a NIST traceable cal cert with no data to an accredited calibration certificate with data and uncertainties.
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