2000 Series Portable Calibration Instrument.
DC Voltage and Current Calibrator. Includes RS-232
interface and Universal-Free Standing Charging Adapter

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2000 Series Portable Calibration Instrument.
DC Voltage and Current Calibrator with Temperature Simulation and Voltage / Temperature Measurements (Active or Passive CJC), includes RS-232 interface and Universal Free-Standing Charging Adaptor

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 in

2000 Description

Portable DC Calibration – TC Simulation – Temperature Measurement

These versatile and portable calibrators bring laboratory accuracy to process control applications. Current loop (4 – 20 mA) indicators, controllers and recorders can be calibrated with accuracy measured in ppm rather than percentages.

The 2000 Series instruments may compute current or voltage output using an equation derived from two data points. This allows the user to enter a temperature, pressure or flow level and the 2000 will output the appropriate current or voltage signal.

The highly versatile 2000MN adds temperature measurement and automatic cold junction compensation to the impressive list of features. It allows the user to read or source in °C or °F for B, E, J, K, N, R, Sand T thermocouples.

Compact and economical, the 2000 Series provides the right combination of accuracy and flexibility for most temperature measurement/simulation applications.

These portable, precision instruments address a wide cross-section of calibration requirements.

Temperature measurement may automatically compensated for the cold junction temperature.

Simulates DC output of pressure transducers for calibrating systems.






2000 Features

  • Excellent performance and flexibility in portable, battery-operated applications
  • DC voltage and current capability — +/- 22 volt, 10ppm accuracy, +/-22mA, 40ppm accuracy
  • Temperature simulation with 0.01°resolution, 0.015°- 0.12° accuracy (90 day)
  • DC resolution down to 10nV or 10pA
  • Temperature measurement with 0.1°-0.2° accuracy (90 day)
  • Auto cold junction compensation NiMH battery operation (8 hours typical)
  • Battery powered portability for flight line use
  • Standard RS232 interface allows laptop PC control in the field while the optional IEEE-488 interface supports ATE applications.
  • Temperature control loops
  • Thermocouple measurement and simulation
  • Battery status indication

Self Calibration Feature

An automatically sequenced Internal Self-Calibration may be performed at any time. This procedure does not require any external equipment or connections. The accuracy specification assumes the use of this procedure at least every five days, or following an ambient temperature change of greater than 5 degrees C.

An automatically sequenced External Calibration may be performed at any time. In order to prevent unauthorized access, an optional password protection scheme is utilized. A one year external calibration cycle is recommended for normal use, however, this may be reduced (e.g. to three months) if increased accuracies are required, or increased (e.g. to two years) if reduced accuracies are required.

External Calibration may be performed at any ambient temperature between 10 degrees C and 35 degrees C without degradation of the accuracy specifications, the accuracy figures then being valid for ambient temperatures of up to 5oC from this calibration temperature.

2000 Specifications


General Specifications – For Full Specifications contact Vitrek

Physical: SIZE: 4.1” W x 6.3” H x 9.7” D (104mm x 160mm 246mm) Weight: 4.5 lbs

Operating: 0°C to 50°C, less than 90% R.H.(typ) at 40°C (non-condensing)
Storage: -30°C to 65°C, less than 95% R.H. at 40°C (non-condensing)

Isolation: Output to Chassis, Ground or Interface: 1500V pk max.Unit is supplied with one Vitrek T5 universal external power supply, 100-240 Vrms, 50-60Hz, with a 2.5mm 12 VDC output plug and a three-prong IEC320 AC Inlet receptacle, plus a three-prong AC power cord.

Warranty: Two Years

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