PA910 Series Power Analyzer with Four Ultra-Precision UT Channel Cards.  Comes with: Power Cord, Operating Manual, and supplemental applications. H500, EN, and MU options now included.

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PA910 Series Power Analyzer with Four Ultra-Precision UT Channel Cards.  Comes with: Power Cord, Operating Manual, and supplemental applications. H500, EN, and MU options now included.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 in

PA910 Power Analyzer Overview

Introducing the High Accuracy (0.045%) Vitrek PA PA910 Precision Harmonic Power Analyzer, the newest additions to Vitrek’s family of Power Analyzer products.

The PA910 is the most powerful, accurate and flexible power analyzer available on the market today available with 0.045% power accuracy. These new products provider faster sampling rates, bandwidth performance and greater harmonic frequency, yet still easy-to-use and affordable.

The PA910 power analyzers offer expanded power analysis options. The PA910 offers ultra high 0.045% power accuracy for all channels and improved voltage and current self-heating adders over those of other power analyzers. In addition, the PA910 provides easy channel selection for the user while offering 100 full precision readings per second and measurement bandwidths sufficient to handle 5 MHz waveforms.

When You Need Maximum Performance & Accuracy Choose Vitrek’s PA910 Series Power Analyzers!

• High Power Accuracy of 0.045% For All Channels
• Improved Voltage and Current Self-Heating Adders
• Faster Sampling Rates & Bandwidth Performance
• Greater Harmonic Frequencies

PA910 Power Analyzer Features

  • Newest and most advanced Power Analyzers on the market today
  • High Precision Accuracy – PA910=0.045%
  • Up to 500 Harmonics at 400Hz, meets Airbus avionics harmonics measurement criteria. Bar graph also features fingertip selectable numeric amplitude and phase data
  • Large, Hi-Resolution Color Display shows all the data you want with an easy-to-use touchscreen user interface to get you up and testing in no time
  • Modular design lets you choose up to 4 Power Measurement Channel Cards in any combination of 3 different Channel Card types
  • Built-in Data Logger – Logs up to 16 selectable data results to USB thumbdrive or internal data storage. Intervals from 10mS to 100 hours with optional time/date stamps
  • Power Data Screen – displays V, A, W, VA, VAR and PF data for any selected channel or group of channels
  • Custom Power Data Screens – lets you choose the color, font size, location and data you want displayed
  • With selectable time base and triggering – Scope View, acts as a digital scope to capture events such as in-rush current
  • Cycle View – Represents a single cycle of the voltage and current periodic waveforms sampled over many cycles within a measurement period
  • Vector Screen – Displays up to 10 fundamental voltage & current vectors
  • History Screen – Like a DVR, the PA900 automatically maintains a continuous historical recording of measurement data. Any data from this record may be viewed or downloaded. Pause, clear & restart functionality is available from the HISTORY screen or via interface
  • Standby Power Screen – Test in accordance to EN50564:2011 with an easy to set up, easier to use built in application. One screen holds all of your necessary data.
  • Effective Sampling Rate – for analysis of periodic signals within a measurement period is 384MSPS
  • Measurement Resolution – 22 bit for S & W type Channel Cards, 24 bit for A type
  • Up to 3 Different Virtual Power Analyzers™ (VPAs) may be configured for three phase measurements or input/output efficiency tests – so there is no need to interconnect separate units in order to make synchronous or non-synchronous group power measurements
  • VPA Efficiency Grouping – Available data includes: Power totals for IN, MIDDLE and OUT efficiency groups, the power loss between any pair of groups, and the percentage efficiency between any pair of groups
  • VPA Multi-Channel Wiring – Each VPA may be configured as 2ø3w (2 ch), 3ø3w (2 ch), 3ø3w (3 ch), 3ø4w (3 ch)
  • Connectivity – Ethernet, High Speed Serial and USB (client) control interfaces
  • Optional Multi-Unit (Option MU) connection available to combine multiple PA900 units to enable you to make measurements with up to thousands of channels
  • Front Panel USB Drive Interface – Permits data logging to a file, ‘screen shot’ capture, easy import and export of: display and measurement configurations & custom data screen definitions
  • Available MT type Channel Card for motor torque & speed inputs
  • CE mark certified to EN61010
  • 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty, 2 Year Accuracy Specs and calibration cycle
  • Made in the USA

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