Here are a few FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Vitrek Products.  If you have additional questions please contact us at or call (858) 689-2755.


Q: Where can I find the manual for Vitrek/XiTRON products?
A: Manuals are available for download on the vitrek website.  You may visit the individual product pages or utilize the new Downloads Library page.

4700 High Voltage Meter:

Q: I just received my 4700 and it will not turn on, can you help?
A: Look for the “Ship Switch” on the back side of the 4700. Ensure that this switch is in the OFF position.  If this does not resolve the issue, contact Vitrek for support.

Q: Can I purchase the BP-47 4700 Battery Pack Option for field installation?
A: Yes, the kit contains all that is required to install the battery pack in the field. Contact Vitrek at for a custom quote.

Q: My batteries are not charging, what should I do?
A: Contact Vitrek for support at

Q: When I plug my probe into the 4700, the unit does not register the probe, what should I do?
A: Contact Vitrek for support at

Q: How often should I get my 4700 and probes calibrated?
A: The 4700 has been designed to provide many years of service without needing calibration and is fully specified for 1 year between recalibrations. Your specific application may require other recalibration schedules based on your individual needs.

Q: Do I need to send both the 4700 and probes in for calibration if I only need the probe serviced?
A: No, however the accuracy will be better if the probe is calibrated with the 4700 it is used with. Some uncertainties apply when calibrating a probe with a different 4700 – for additional information contact Vitrek at

964i High Voltage Switching System

Q: My 964i is not communicating with the Vitrek Hipot Tester, what should I do?
A: Verify the interface settings on both units is correct. Verify that the cable connections are correct; if possible switch communication cables to rule out a cable issue.  If you are still having issues, contact Vitrek for support at

Q: My maintenance light is blinking or on, what should I do?
A: Contact Vitrek for support at

Q: What should I do if I suspect my 964i has a faulty relay?
A: Contact Vitrek for support at

Q: Can I purchase new relay cards and install them in the field?
A: Yes, however depending on the situation, you will need to work with Vitrek to ensure that the 964i is properly programmed. Contact Vitrek for support at