8-Bit Digitizers

GaGe 8-bit resolution digitizer models divide the input voltage range into 256 different digitization levels with sampling rates at up to 4 GigaSamples per second on 1 channel or 2 GigaSamples per second on 2 channels with input bandwidths of up to 1.5 GHz, deep onboard sample memory up to 16 GS (16 GB), and true ENOBs of up to 7.6 bits.

GaGe OEM Embedded Product Volume Support Program

Gain valuable time-to-market and save tens of thousands of development dollars by utilizing our strategic Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) embedded product volume support program with our reliable, high-quality data acquisition products:

  • No charge product evaluation and SDKs for qualification and initial development.
  • No charge support through evaluation period.
  • Negotiated factory and/or on-site technical support including custom hardware and software development.
  • Volume discount pricing.
  • Custom engineering change order control of supplied product.
  • Provided software tools on a site wide level license basis.
  • Product safety stock pool program to ensure specified quantity of product is kept on stock and ready-to-ship basis.