964i High Voltage Automated Test Switching System — The perfect solution for Automated Multi-Conductor, Multi-Point Hipot Testing

The Perfect Solution for Automated Multi-Conductor, Multi-Point Hipot Testing

You have a job to do – you have to hipot test a 16 conductor medical cable at 8500V to ensure that each conductor is properly isolated from every other conductor. You have two choices, you can try to do it manually or you can use the Vitrek 964i multi-conductor hipot tester to automatically route the HV and return signals to the proper test points.

The manual method is extremely problematic. Slow, error prone, labor intensive, operator hazardous – don’t even think about recording the test results. The 964i on the other hand, is purpose built to fully automate all of you high voltage switching needs. You chose the 964i, partnered it with a Vitrek 95X Series Industrial Strength Hipot Tester and QuickTest Pro test automation software. The company wins the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, you get a promotion and that corner office you’ve always wanted. Choose carefully.

Get Preconfigured or Custom Configured Systems With Your 964i From Vitrek

We offer both preconfigured and custom-configured systems for our 964i High Voltage Switching System, whether you’re looking for a ready-to-use solution or a system designed around your specific needs.

Choices like the 964i-24X2MX are preconfigured systems that stand out in their class. They’re designed to handle your high-voltage switching requirements efficiently and reliably. This system provides an excellent balance of performance and value in a package that can’t be beaten.

For those who require a more custom solution, we offer choices like our HC-7B. This custom-configured system is built precisely to meet your HV switching requirements. Like all our 964i systems, the HC-7B can route high-voltage test signals and return signals to any desired test points.

Explore Additional Accessories for the 964i High Voltage Switching System

The 964i High Voltage Switching System is designed to be flexible and adaptable. To enhance its functionality, we offer a range of accessories. These include different wires, replacement test kits, and cables to increase versatility and functionality.

The HVW-20 is a Bulk 20kV Rated 18 AWG high voltage test lead wire. We also offer options such as the HVC-MB Male HV mating connector. Our PB-47 replacement test kit offers a fantastic replacement kit that comes with 20KV rated direct input HV lest lead, a common input lead (both 4 ft length, terminated in alligator clips), and a 6 ft length chassis grounding lead. Explore other options for accessories above.

The Key Features Separating Our 964i High Voltage Switching System

Our 964i High Voltage Switching System stands out in the market due to its unique features. It’s a reliable and efficient system that routes high-voltage test signals and returns signals to any desired test points. With the capacity to accommodate up to 60 output terminals, it’s truly a powerhouse in high-voltage testing. Moreover, our system offers voltage switching capability up to 15,000 volts or current switching as high as required, ensuring it can handle your most demanding tests.

One of the key differentiators of our 964i system is its 8-card capacity. This feature allows you to customize the system according to your specific testing requirements. Each card is designed for a particular type of test, giving you the flexibility to create a system tailored to your needs.

Get the Perfect Switching System Today!

In today’s fast-paced and high-stakes testing environment, you need a system that’s reliable, adaptable, and powerful. The 964i High Voltage Switching System from Vitrek delivers on all these fronts. With its unique features, range of accessories, and options for custom configurations, it’s the ideal solution for your high-voltage testing needs.

If you’re ready to take your testing capabilities to the next level, get in touch with Vitrek today. Choose the 964i High Voltage Switching System and learn how Vitrek can power your growth.