RazorEdge Express CompuScope | 14-Bit Digitizer / Oscilloscope
2-CHs @ 250 MS/s, 125 MHz Bandwidth, PCIe Gen3 Real-Time Data Streaming

The GaGe RazorEdge Express CompuScope is a dual-channel 14-bit digitizer supporting A/D sampling rates up to 250 MS/s with up to 125 MHz input bandwidth.

ADC data can be captured in dual channel or single channel modes with six software selectable input voltage ranges at ±100 mV, ±200 mV, ±500 mV, ±1 V, ±2 V, and ±5 V with dedicated 50 Ω or 1M Ω input impedance.

With eXpert PCIe Data Streaming Firmware, acquired data can be simultaneously streamed to host PC memory via the PCIe Gen3 x8 interface at sustained rates up to 1 GB/s (2-CHs * 250 MS/s per CH * 2 bytes per sample for 14-bit data) for real-time continuous signal recording operations.

Optionally stream acquired data from the RazorEdge Express to a high-performance Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) for signal processing and data recording in real-time! Gage CompuScope C SDK ready-made compiled sample programs illustrate PCIe data streaming to a GPU and effective exploitation of GPU parallelized vector processing to attain 10X ~ 100X faster analysis rates than the host CPU.

The RazorEdge Express can also be combined with wideband downconverters to be the heart of a wideband, multi-channel, RF/Microwave signal analysis and recording system that can cover signal frequencies up to 27 GHz with 100 MHz bandwidth.

Starting at $6,750

How the PCIe RazorEdge Express 14-Bit Digitizer Stands Out

The PCIe RazorEdge Express 14-Bit Digitizer is a state-of-the-art dual-channel digitizer designed to meet the demands of high-speed data processing and transfer. This device boasts a maximum sampling rate of 250 MS/s and a bandwidth of 125 MHz, delivering unmatched performance in capturing and processing digital signals.

One of the standout features of this digitizer is its 14-bit vertical A/D resolution, which ensures precise and accurate signal conversions. It is also equipped with six software-selectable input voltage ranges, providing flexibility to cater to a variety of application requirements.

The RazorEdge Express is not just about performance; it is also about versatility. It comes with dedicated 50 Ω and 1M Ω input channel pairs, offering both DC coupling and an optional AC coupling. This makes it suitable for a wide range of signal types and sources.

When it comes to memory and data transfer, the RazorEdge Express shines brightly. It features a robust 4 GS (8 GB) onboard dual-port sample memory and a PCIe Gen3 x8 interface, which allows for high-speed data transfer. The real-time data streaming capability to the host PC memory at a sustained rate of 1 GB/s is a game-changer in the world of digitizers.

For those keen on real-time signal processing and data recording, the RazorEdge Express has got you covered. It can stream acquired data directly to a GPU, making it an ideal choice for advanced applications.

Ease of use is also a key advantage of the RazorEdge Express. It comes with programming-free software for signal recording and playback, as well as PC oscilloscope operation. Further enhancing its versatility, it supports external trigger in and trigger out, advanced triggering operations, and is compatible with wideband downconverters.

Compatibility is never an issue with the RazorEdge Express. Whether you’re using Windows 11/10 or Linux, this digitizer seamlessly integrates with your operating system. Plus, it offers software development kits for C/C++, MATLAB, and LabVIEW, making it a flexible tool for a variety of development environments.

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Let Your Industry Take Advantage of the PCIe RazorEdge Express 14-Bit Digitizer

The PCIe RazorEdge Express 14-Bit Digitizer is a game-changing tool that has the potential to revolutionize a multitude of industries. With its high-speed capabilities, sophisticated data streaming firmware, and robust compatibility with Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), this digitizer can streamline operations and enhance performance in various sectors. Learn more below and see how your business can benefit:


With its ability to capture and process high-speed signals, the RazorEdge Express is an invaluable tool for aerospace applications. It can effectively handle data from radar systems, satellite communications, and avionics testing, promoting accuracy and efficiency in these critical tasks.

Automotive and Electric Vehicles

The digitizer’s high sampling rates and precise signal conversions make it ideal for automotive and electric vehicle applications. It can assist in the testing and development of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), battery management systems, and other electronic components, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Cyber Security

In the realm of cyber security, the RazorEdge Express can be used to monitor network traffic and detect anomalies in real-time, offering an added layer of protection against cyber threats.

Data Acquisition

For research institutions and laboratories, the digitizer’s eXpert PCIe Data Streaming Firmware enables the continuous recording of experimental data. Its compatibility with wideband downconverters also allows for multi-channel RF/Microwave signal analysis and recording, which can be crucial in fields like quantum computing and particle physics.


In the semiconductor industry, the RazorEdge Express can facilitate the testing of high-speed digital circuits and the characterization of semiconductor devices. Its precision and speed can help ensure the reliability and quality of semiconductor products.


For medical equipment manufacturers, the digitizer’s high-speed data processing and recording capabilities can contribute to the development and testing of medical imaging devices, diagnostic equipment, and other critical healthcare technologies.

Military and Defense

The RazorEdge Express’s ability to work with high-performance GPUs for real-time signal processing makes it a valuable asset in defense applications, including radar and sonar systems, electronic warfare, and secure communications.

Unleash the Power of Precision with the PCIe RazorEdge Express 14-Bit Digitizer

The PCIe RazorEdge Express 14-Bit Digitizer is here to redefine what’s possible in your industry. From aerospace and automotive to cyber security and data acquisition, this groundbreaking tool is transforming operations and setting new standards for performance.

Don’t let outdated equipment hold you back. Embrace the future with the PCIe RazorEdge Express 14-Bit Digitizer from GaGe and elevate your business to new heights of success. Learn more or ask about additional 14-Bit Digitizers such as our: