Capacitance Probes

High resolution, low cost sensors to measure gap and displacement in industries such as semiconductor, electronics, R&D applications and many more.

For grounded targets MTI offers standard capacitance probes.  For ungrounded or poorly grounded targets MTI offers push/pull dual sensor probes.  Both types of probes are available in stainless steel construction or flat and flexible polyimide construction.  Polyimide flat probes are perfect for gap applications or confined spaces.

ACCUMEASURE Capacitance Probes for ACCUMEASURE D-series

MTI Instruments excels in precision measurement technology, and our ACCUMEASURE Capacitance Probes designed for the ACCUMEASURE D-series stand at the pinnacle of accuracy and reliability. These probes are engineered to deliver fantastic performance in non-contact displacement and position measurements. With an innovative design that reduces temperature drift and increases durability, ACCUMEASURE Capacitance Probes ensure consistent and precise readings even in the most challenging environments. 

Ideal for applications ranging from semiconductor production to precision machining, these probes offer a versatile solution for your measurement needs, providing high resolution and stability over a wide range of operating conditions. Learn more about our probes for the ACCUMEASURE D-series when you speak with MTI Instruments today.

Standard Capacitance Probes

The Standard Capacitance Probes from MTI Instruments represent a benchmark in non-contact measurement technology. Crafted with wonderful attention to detail, these probes offer a robust solution for accurately measuring displacement, position, and vibration across various industries. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide array of applications, including machine tool error analysis, vibration measurement, and precision thickness measurement. The probes feature a user-friendly design, ensuring easy installation and integration into existing systems. With exceptional sensitivity and stability, the Standard Capacitance Probes deliver reliable data, enabling businesses to enhance product quality and operational efficiency.

Push-Pull Probes

MTI Instruments’ Push-Pull Probes are a revolutionary advancement in capacitance-based measurement technology. Designed to provide bidirectional measurements, these probes can simultaneously measure the distance to both sides of a gap, making them uniquely suited for applications requiring precise gap measurements, such as brake pad wear analysis or head-disk spacing in hard disk drives. The Push-Pull Probes feature a dual-sensor design that compensates for common mode errors, offering superior accuracy and repeatability. Their robust construction ensures long-term reliability in harsh conditions, making them an invaluable tool for engineers and technicians seeking precise, dependable measurements.

MTI Instruments Flat Capacitance Probes

The Flat Capacitance Probes by MTI Instruments redefine the standards for surface and displacement measurements. These probes are designed for applications requiring high-precision flatness, bow, and warp measurements. Featuring a low-profile sensor head, they are ideal for tight spaces where traditional probes cannot fit. The innovative design minimizes sensitivity to changes in temperature and pressure, ensuring accurate readings in diverse operating environments. Whether for semiconductor wafer inspection or flat panel display manufacturing, the Flat Capacitance Probes provide the accuracy, reliability, and versatility needed to meet the stringent demands of modern industries.

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Beyond capacitance displacement and gap measurement probes, MTI Instruments offers a comprehensive range of precision measurement solutions. From advanced turbine engine balancing systems to sophisticated rotation and vibration analysis equipment, MTI’s portfolio includes tools essential for enhancing productivity and ensuring the highest levels of quality control. Each product is a testament to our commitment to innovation, precision, and reliability, designed to address the complex challenges faced by industries worldwide. By exploring MTI’s collection, businesses can find proper solutions that drive operational excellence and lead to a competitive advantage in numerous areas.

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