GaGe 14-bit resolution digitizer models divide the input voltage range into 16,384 different digitization levels, which improves the delectability limit by a factor of 4 over the 4,096 levels of a 12-bit resolution digitizer model and a factor of 16 over the 256 levels of an 8-bit resolution digitizer model.

GaGe 14-bit digitizers feature sampling rates at up to 500 MegaSamples per second (MS/s) and are available with 2 digitizing channels, input bandwidths of up to 250 MHz, deep onboard sample memory up to 4 GS (8 GB), and true ENOBs of 11.6 bits.

In addition to their advanced features, our 14-bit digitizers are easy to use, with user-friendly software and a simple interface that puts all the necessary tools at your fingertips. We also include software development kits (SDKs) for C/C#, Python, LabVIEW, and MATLAB at no additional charge for end user custom application development. So, whether you’re measuring signals in the lab or analyzing data in the field, GaGe 14-bit digitizers have everything you need to do the job.

14-Bit Digitizers

Are you looking for a high-speed, high-precision data acquisition solution? GaGe’s range of 14-bit digitizers offers some of the best solutions for your needs. With fast sampling rates, high vertical resolution, and user-friendly interfaces, our digitizers are designed to provide the most accurate results across multiple industries. Conducting scientific research? Analyzing industrial processes or measuring signals in the lab? Our digitizers are the perfect tool for the job. We’ll highlight our expansive selection of 14-bit digitizers and help you find the perfect solution to meet your data acquisition and analysis needs.

Learn more about our high-speed A/D 14-bit digitizers below.

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High-Speed Digitizers

RazorPlus 14-Bit PCIe Digitizer

Looking for a high-performance and reliable solution for your data acquisition needs? The RazorPlus Express CompuScope, GaGe’s dual-channel 14-bit digitizer, is here. With support for A/D sampling rates up to 500 MS/s and a maximum input bandwidth of 250 MHz, this digitizer provides fast and accurate results across multiple industries. It offers six software-selectable input voltage ranges and can capture data in dual-channel or single-channel modes. Plus, with dedicated 50 Ω or 1M Ω input impedance, you can be sure your data will be as precise as possible. Its PCIe Gen3 x8 interface is fully capable of sustaining the maximum streaming rate of 2.0 GB/s from the card with 2-CHs @ 500 MS/s per channel.

RazorEdge 14-Bit PCIe Digitizer

If you’re looking for a high-performance and reliable solution for your data acquisition needs, the RazorEdge Express CompuScope is the perfect answer. This dual-channel 14-bit digitizer boasts an impressive A/D sampling rate of up to 250 MS/s with an input bandwidth of up to 125 MHz, making it ideal for a variety of applications across multiple industries. With six software-selectable input voltage ranges and dedicated 50 Ω or 1M Ω input impedance, you can customize your data capture to suit your specific needs.

The RazorEdge Express also offers a PCIe Gen3 x8 interface for sustained data streaming rates of up to 1 GB/s, making it perfect for real-time continuous signal recording operations. In addition, the digitizer can be combined with wideband downconverters to create a wideband, multi-channel RF/Microwave signal analysis and recording system.

GaGe OEM Embedded Product Volume Support Program

Gain valuable time-to-market and save tens of thousands of development dollars by utilizing our strategic Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) embedded product volume support program with our reliable, high-quality data acquisition products:

  • No charge product evaluation and SDKs for qualification and initial development.
  • No charge support through evaluation period.
  • Negotiated factory and/or on-site technical support including custom hardware and software development.
  • Volume discount pricing.
  • Custom engineering change order control of supplied product.
  • Provided software tools on a site wide level license basis.
  • Product safety stock pool program to ensure specified quantity of product is kept on stock and ready-to-ship basis.

High-Speed A/D 14-Bit Digitizers – Unleash the Power of Your Data

Don’t let your data acquisition and analysis capabilities hold you back. Upgrade to a high-speed A/D 14-bit digitizer from GaGe today and unleash the full potential of your data processing power. With fast sampling rates and high-precision data capture capabilities, our advanced digitizers are designed to provide the most accurate results across multiple industries.

Request a quote today to learn more about our wide range of high-speed A/D 14-bit digitizers and discover how they can help take your data acquisition and analysis capabilities to the next level.