Digital signal processing routines can be conducted on raw signal data acquired by GaGe high-speed digitizers either directly on the onboard FPGA of the digitizer card via our eXpert FPGA firmware features or can be optionally conducted on GPU cards receiving real-time streaming of raw signal data acquired by GaGe high-speed digitizers via the PCIe interface.


Optional firmware features that allow for signal processing analysis, or other specific functionality, to be performed on the digitizer hardware itself within its onboard Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). Features include PCIe Data Streaming, Signal Averaging, FFT, OCT, or custom designed for application requirements.

GPU CUDA Processing

Stream acquired data from GaGe high-speed digitizers to high-performance GPUs for signal processing and data recording in real-time. C SDK ready-made compiled sample programs illustrate PCIe data streaming to GPU and effective exploitation of GPU parallelized vector processing to attain 10X ~ 100X faster analysis rates than host CPU.