Vitrek PA900 Precision Multi-Channel Power Analyzer

The Vitrek PA900 boasts an impressive array of precision power measurement capabilities, yet its color touchscreen user interface is refreshingly easy to use. The accuracy of the PA900 is truly world class – surpassing rival instruments costing triple the price. And when it comes to speed & bandwidth – the PA900 tops the charts with 100 full precision readings per second and measurement bandwidths sufficient to handle 5 MHZ waveforms. For tackling tough power factor, low phase angle and high crest factor loads – the PA900 is unbeatable. Offering full performance for crest factors as high as 30:1 – the PA900 places the advantage of superior power measurement capability squarely in the palm of your hands or if you prefer – at the tip of your finger.

PA900 Power Analyzer Touchscreen
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Vitrek’s XiTRON 280x Series Single- and Two-Channel Power Analyzers

Vitrek’s XiTRON 280x Series Advanced Single- and Two-Channel Power Analyzers combine an unprecedented feature set with an ideal combination of precision, speed and ease-of-use in an instrument so economical it can be on every bench.

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Vitrek manufactures a variety of power analyzers. These analyzers have been designed to fit your testing application. Each series offers a variety of different models with a wide variety of test functions and capabilities.

  • The PA900 is a multi-channel precision power analyzer that provides  a modular design approach to provide the performance you need at a price that meets your budget. A single PA900 chassis holds up to 4 Channels of power measurement in any combination of three different Channel types.
  • The 280x Series offers outstanding performance in a light weight, lower cost format in two models, a single-channel and a two-channel device to meet your specific requirements.