V7X Hipot Tester Front 2

V7X Series Hipot Testers

Electrical Safety Testing will Never be the Same

With color touch LCD & high speed DSP technology, the compact & rugged V7X sets the standard for price/performance ratio. Made in the USA to meet tough UL, CSA, TUV and IEC Hipot requirements – the V7X provides unbeatable speed, accuracy, user safety and reliability.

Choose from six low cost models offering AC & DC Hipot to 5KV, leakage current measurement to 100 nano-amps, Insulation Resistance to 450GΩ, Ground Bond to 30 amps and built-in switching. Combine all that with USB, RS232 and Digital I/O interfaces, plus a 2 year warranty.

The V7X is simply unbeatable.

Customer Testimonial:  THANK YOU !

The V71 Hipot Tester is absolutely amazing!

Saved us hours of reprogramming, like what to put up with using our old Chinese made Quad-Tech Guardian 1000. You were correct; even an old engineer like me could program it very easily, gotta love the touch screen.

My very best regards,
Brett D. Robinson, PhD.
Robinson’s Engineering Consultants