RazorMax Express 16 CompuScope
16-Bit, 1 GS/s, PCIe Gen3 Digitizer / Oscilloscope

The GaGe RazorMax Express CompuScope PCIe Gen3 digitizer features unprecedented speed and resolution with either four or two 16-bit channels at 1 GS/s and 600 MHz bandwidth, with PCIe data streaming rates up to 5.2 GB/s.

The RazorMax Express is also available with four 16-bit channels at 500 MS/s and 300 MHz bandwidth. All models feature 4 GS (8 GB) of onboard digitizer sample memory standard.

The RazorMax Express can be combined with wideband downconverter models and PC solutions to be the heart of a wideband, multi-channel, RF/Microwave signal analysis and recording system covering frequencies up to 27 GHz and up to 160 MHz bandwidth.

Starting at $10,475