PBS-4100+ Gen 4 Portable Vibration and Balancing System

PBS-4100+, the latest evolution in commercial aircraft jet engine maintenance.

The 4th generation of the PBS-4100+ sets the standard in jet engine turbine vibration analysis and balancing. Using the latest technology, the 4th generation PBS-4100+ continues to build on the field proven 35-year legacy of the industry’s leading vibration analysis and balancing tool.

Small, lightweight, fast working and ruggedly built, the 4th generation PBS-4100+ is a truly portable solution contained in a new, high-visibility case. To further support mobile operations, the 4th generation features battery power that can provide up to 4 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

Love this unit. Reliable hardware, good intuitive Software. Easy to use, don’t need an engineering degree to balance an engine with this system.

Frank Reimchen - Testcell Engineer, MTU Maintenance

Discover the Power of PBS-4100+ Gen4: Revolutionizing Engine Trim Balance Instruments

The PBS-4100+ Gen4 is a game-changer in portable vibration and balancing systems, an industry where accuracy and precision stand tall among all other requirements. With its unique features, this innovative system from MTI Instruments is set to redefine the standards of jet engine maintenance.

The PBS-4100+ Gen4 is not just an instrument; it’s a revolution in portability. Imagine a battery-powered system that operates for up to four hours, allowing you the freedom to work without the constraints of location. Its lightweight and compact design means you can easily carry it around, making it the perfect tool for those hard-to-reach areas.

But the PBS-4100+ Gen4 doesn’t stop at portability. It expands functionality, taking the capabilities of engine trim balance instruments to a whole new level. With a third tachometer input, it supports three-spool engines and geared-reduction fans. And with a frequency range extended to 25 kHz, it enables the testing of turboshaft and APU engines.

Usability enhancements have been at the heart of the PBS-4100+ Gen4’s design. The system streamlines vibration survey and balancing processes, making them more efficient and user-friendly. You’ll appreciate the engine backup and restore capability that prevents misconfiguration of engine parameters.

Despite all these advancements, the PBS-4100+ Gen4 maintains the familiar workflows of previous PBS models. This ensures a smooth transition for users already accustomed to the older versions.

Applications of the PBS-4100+ Gen4

Whether it’s in aerospace, appliance manufacturing, automotive, or defense, the need for accurate and reliable vibration analysis and balancing is paramount. That’s where the PBS-4100+ Gen4 makes its mark.

Designed to revolutionize jet engine turbine analysis and balancing, the PBS-4100+ Gen4 is a versatile tool that offers numerous applications. It provides accurate balance solutions, swiftly pinpoints engine problems, and diagnoses vibration sources.

In the aerospace industry, for instance, the PBS-4100+ Gen4’s vibration survey functionality can quickly assess the current condition of jet engines. By providing real-time and post-analysis display formats, the system delivers informative data visualization that aids in understanding the health and performance of engines. This empowers technicians to take proactive measures, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of aircraft engines.

Similarly, in the automotive and electric vehicle sectors, the “One-Shot” trim balancing feature of the PBS-4100+ Gen4 is a game-changer. It eliminates the need for multiple engine runs and handwritten solutions, saving valuable time and resources. Even better, automated reports are generated, offering a clear picture of engine balance for informed decision-making.

Beyond these industries, the PBS-4100+ Gen4 also supports fine-tuning engine characterization using trial weights in various industrial settings. This feature helps develop influence coefficients for quicker future balances, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, with integrated spectral analysis, the system enables users to pinpoint the exact sources of vibrations and solve tough diagnostic problems across different sectors, including research and development, medical, commercial and military aviation and defense, and semiconductor industries.

Experience Unparalleled Precision with MTI’s PBS-4100+ Gen4

The PBS-4100+ Gen4 Portable Vibration and Balancing System is a solution that revolutionizes the way you handle engine maintenance. Experience unparalleled precision, ease of use, and portability that transforms your operations.

Don’t let outdated technology hold you back. Step into the future with the PBS-4100+ Gen4 and find how this advanced system can streamline your processes and optimize your engine performance.

Ready to take the next step? Learn more about the PBS-4100+ Gen4 and harness the power of precision and efficiency with MTI Instruments.