The Industry’s Leading Brands for Test & Measurement, High-Speed Data Acquisition & Signal Recording, and Engine Vibration & Balancing Applications.

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Vitrek leads in safety, electrical test equipment, solar systems, vibration balancing, high-speed data acquisition, and signal recording for industries such as electronics, appliances, automotive, medical, military, aerospace, and more. With superior equipment and top-notch support, Vitrek systems effectively meet your test, measurement, and data acquisition needs.


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High Voltage Safety / Compliance Test & Measurement

95X Series Hipot Tester Home

95X Series Electrical Safety
Hipot Testers

Demanding applications call for the high power, high resolution 95X Series Hipot & Ground Bond Testers.  With up to 200mA of Hipot source current – the 95X has plenty of power.

V7X Hipot Tester Front Page

V7X Series Electrical Safety
Hipot Testers

The Compact & Economical V7X Series Electrical Safety Testers with color touch screen set the standard for price/performance ratio in six V7X electrical safety tester models offering AC/DC Hipot to 5KV, IR to 450 Gig ohms, and Ground Bond up to 30 amps.

PA900 Power Analyzer Home


Vitrek’s easy-to-use PA9xx Precision Harmonic Power Analyzers won’t break your budget delivering multi-channel, high-accuracy, wideband performance – to tackle the toughest energy measurement applications. Available with various options.

4700 High Voltage Meter Home

High Voltage

The Vitrek 4700 Precision High Voltage Meter with a color touch screen offers the highest level of measurement accuracy measures up to 10KV DC or rms AC directly. With available HV smartprobes, the measurement range can be extended up to 150KV.


High Voltage

The Vitrek 964i is the perfect solution for automated test systems including Multi-Conductor, Multi-Point Hipot Testing. Eliminate the errors and hazards of manual Hipot testing and automate all your HV switching needs.

DC Load

Vitrek’s DL Series Electronic Loads, with a full-color LCD touchscreen offer easy setup and use, are available in a multiple configurations. The DL is equipped with a comprehensive self-test that ensures that all loading and measurement circuitry is functioning properly.

Insulation Resistance
(IR) Testing

Vitrek’s 98xi utilizes DSP Technology and a unique combination features including Multi-dwell Functionality, High-speed Testing, Pico-Amp Leakage Measurement, Continuously Variable IR Test Voltage, Multi-mode IR and Capacitance Test Modes geared for applications with voltage rails up to 2.5 KV such as solar arrays and electric vehicles.


With the acquisition of XiTRON Technologies, Vitrek expands its product line with precision power analyzers, portable power quality analyzers, calibration tools, ballast test systems, micro-spectrometers, programmable DC loads, digital milliohm meters, and phase angle voltmeters.

Non-Contact Measurement, Solar & Metrology Systems, Rotating Engine & Vibration Balancing Systems

Rotating Engine & Vibration Balancing Systems

Commercial aviation companies and the U.S. military rely on MTI Instruments’ vibration analysis and engine trim balance solutions to identify jet-engine problems and solve them quickly, saving the time and cost of engine repair and maintenance. We have solutions for commercial and general aviation turbine engines or small turbofan & turboprop engines.

Accumeasure Capacitance Sensors and Capacitance Displacement & Gap Measurement Probes

The Accumeasure product line features capacitive sensor products for very high resolution non-contact gap, displacement and material thickness measurements requiring a high level of accuracy in diverse environments, including magnetic fields, varying temperatures and humidity, radiation and more.

Portable Hand-held Signal Simulators/Calibrators

MTI Instruments’ portable and ruggedly designed signal simulator/calibrator offers lab-grade accuracy for diagnosing sensor signals and calibrating systems.


Semiconductor/Solar Metrology Systems
Manual | Semi-Automated | Photovoltaic/Solar

MTI Instruments’ Proforma 300i and 300iSA systems perform non-contact thickness measurements, including bow, warp, and flatness measurements for semi-conducting and semi-insulating materials.

1D Laser Systems

MTI Instruments highly accurate 1D laser sensors, with analog and digital output versions are available, are ideal for quality and process control applications for detection of warpage, alignment monitoring, lead position detection on integrated circuits and more.

2D/3D Laser Measurement

MIT Instruments’ 2D/3D laser profile sensors provide 6,000 f/sec speed and a long range up to 800mm profiling option. Ideal for measurements of dimension, thickness, profiling, angle, metal bending, weld quality, and monitoring.

Fiber Optic Fotonic Sensors

MTI Fotonic Sensor system delivers 0.01 µin. (2.5 angstroms) and frequency response of 500 kHz. Dual-channel capability allows simultaneous measurements essential for studies of structure dynamics and modal analysis. The system is ideal for measurement of Vibration, Modal Analysis, Micro-Positioning, Resonance Analysis, Speed Sensing, Liquid Surface Motion and more.



High-Speed Data Acquisition & Signal Recording Systems

High-Speed A/D Digitizers

GaGe High-Speed A/D Digitizers deliver maximum effective number of bits (ENOB) over a wide frequency range with quality signal conditioning, signal fidelity, and high-speed real-time PCIe streaming.



Digital Signal Processing

eXpert FPGA firmware enables onboard digitizer signal processing features, or optionally stream acquired digitizer data to GPUs for real-time signal processing in C programming environment and out to data recording.




PC Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Recording Software, SDKs

Powerful, user friendly software for use with digitizers and receivers with no programming needed, plus SDKs for C/C#, Python, LabVIEW, and MATLAB for custom software application development.


High Speed Signal Recording Systems

High-performance and flexible COTS based systems maximize the operational performance of integrated receivers, digitizers, and storage with programming-free software for real-time signal capture, processing, and recording operations.

About Vitrek’s Portfolio of Brands

Since 1990, Vitrek has provided innovative global solutions for high voltage test and measurement including electrical safety compliance testers, multi-point high voltage switching systems and graphical power analyzers. Vitrek is the parent company of several industry related brands, including XiTRON, MTI Instruments, GaGe, Signatec and KineticSystems. Our portfolio of products include test and measurement solutions including high-voltage, safety and compliance testing solutions, non-contact measurement devices, portable signal simulators and calibrators, semiconductor/solar metrology systems and turbine engine/rotating machine balancing. Our data-acquisition brands add a wide array of board-level data acquisition and integrated real-time signal recording system solutions from GaGe, Signatec, and KineticSystems. Vitrek also supplies precision high voltage measurement standards to national laboratories and calibration labs around the world. This unique and complementary combination of product and engineering capabilities positions Vitrek as a leading provider of test solutions serving the photovoltaic, medical equipment, power conversion, electrical/electronic component, semiconductor, aerospace and appliance industries. Vitrek is an accredited ISO 17025 Calibration Laboratory and ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization.

MTI Instruments, a Vitrek brand, is a US-based manufacturer of precision tools, systems and solutions for clients requiring the precise measurement and control of products and processes and for the development and implementation of in-situ precision measurement for the automation of manufacturing, assembly and complex machinery operation. Our product solutions are used in engine vibration analysis systems for military and commercial aircraft applications, industrial manufacturing/production markets and research, design and process development markets. MTI maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with ISO9001:2015.

GaGe, a Vitrek brand, established in 1987, is a US-based producer in high-speed data acquisition solutions featuring a portfolio of the highest performance Digitizers that are renowned for sustaining the maximum effective number of bits (ENOB) over a wide signal frequency range with quality signal conditioning and signal fidelity features, PC oscilloscope software, and powerful SDKs for custom application development used in applications for signal analysis, lidar, ultrasound imaging and non-destructive testing, communications, particle physics, mass spectroscopy and more. GaGe brand products include solutions previously available from Signatec and KineticSystems

GaGe’s product offering includes PC-based high-speed and real-time signal acquisition, processing and recording systems. GaGe systems combine the performance features of oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers delivering fully integrated solutions. GaGe’s advanced systems are used in signal technology applications for aerospace and defense, SIGINT, radar, high-speed communications, laboratory test & measurement, medical imaging and more.

Vitrek Corporation (Poway, CA) is an accredited ISO 17025 Calibration Laboratory.

MTI Instruments, by Vitrek (Albany, NY) is ISO 9001:2015 certified with TUV Rheinland of North America.


Vitrek instruments are manufactured to be RoHS compliant.