PC Instrumentation Systems for High-Speed Data Acquisition

GaGe has a long history of providing high-speed, real-time signal acquisition, processing, and recording systems on PC-based platforms. This expertise saves customers time and eliminates uncertainties and risks with self-integrated systems.

The advantage of the open PC-based system platform is that it allows the capability to mix and match a variety of instruments tailored for a specific application requirement with very high-speed data transfer rates via the PCIe interface for real-time signal-based solutions.

Unlike traditional boxed-based test equipment, whose functionality is set and non-upgradeable, the modularity of a PC-based system platform allows for flexibility of future modification or upgrade capability without replacing the entire system.

By leveraging the latest COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) computer components, engineers can design and deliver best-of-class high-performance real-time systems with typically less development time and cost than closed proprietary-based systems.

Customizable high-performance PC workstations provide up to 160 PCIe Gen5 dedicated bandwidth lanes to maximize the operational performance of multiple instrument cards and high-speed storage with capacities up to 368 TB. Form factors include laptop, portable, desktop, 1U, 2U, and 4U rackmount configurations.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and we’ll configure a custom system tailored to your application requirements.

High-Speed Signal Recording Systems

IF Signal Recording App

DsScope is a Windows based PC oscilloscope application that requires no programming for digitizer operation, display acquired signal data for analysis, and conduct IF real-time streaming signal recordings to storage with live monitoring. Analysis displays include Time Domain, Frequency Spectrum, and Spectrogram.

The companion DsScopeView application allows an operator to open/view and conduct playback of previous signal recordings to the display monitor for analysis, with additional display capabilities that include persistence and histogram modes.

RF Signal Recording App

SpectraScopeRT is a Windows based spectrum analyzer application that requires no programming and allows for integrated operational control of both the downconverter receiver and the digitizer for signal capture, analysis, and conduct RF real-time streaming signal recordings with live monitoring. Any tuner, downconverter, or receiver with an IF output or a virtual receiver is supported. Analysis displays include Time Domain, Frequency Spectrum, Power Spectrum, Constellation, Spectrogram, Persistence, & Histogram.

The companion SpectraViewRT application allows an operator to open/view and conduct playback of previous signal recordings to the display monitor for analysis.

RF Downconverters

Today’s high-band signal standards are using higher frequencies and wider bandwidths than ever before for applications such as next generation 5G wireless services, satellite communications, electronic warfare, and more.

GaGe offers a selection of RF Downconverter models that can cover narrowband frequencies starting at 9 kHz to wideband frequencies up to 40 GHz, with instantaneous bandwidths (IBW) that range from 10 MHz up to 500 MHz. The outputs of the RF Downconverters are connected to the channel inputs of high-speed PCIe Digitizers with suitable input bandwidth and A/D sampling rates for the targeted application.

Ultra-Portable RF Signal Recorders

These real-time spectrum analyzer solutions feature ultra-portable configurations for real-time, long-term recording of RF signals. Wideband signals up to 27 GHz can be viewed, analyzed, and recorded using system-based packages that weigh up to 10.8 kg / 24 lb.

Capabilities include broadband spectrum viewing, waterfall displays, frequency domain triggering, and signal averaging, with many cursor and display options and real-time recordings up to 160 MHz in bandwidth, or selectable recorded bandwidths of 100, 80, 40, and 10 MHz, depending on configuration.

Improve Your Operations with Advanced IF Signal Recording Solutions

GaGe’s IF Signal Recording solutions are designed for Windows-based environments and offer the ability to view, edit, and manage digitizer hardware settings, display acquired signal data for in-depth analysis, and conduct real-time signal recording operations. Enjoy support for multiple digitizers and save precious time with the option to save and apply configuration settings for repetitive tasks. Our DsScope & DsScopeView applications offer comprehensive analysis displays, including Time Domain, Frequency Domain, and Spectrogram.

Experience seamless real-time streaming signal recordings to drive storage, coupled with monitoring capability for flawless operation. The raw binary data file format is compatible with third-party software applications, allowing for easy import and utilization of data. Plus, with the Remote Client option, you can access and operate multiple systems remotely over an Ethernet network. For post-recording analysis, our companion application allows users to open, view, and playback previous signal recordings. Don’t let the fast-paced digital world leave you behind – enhance your processes with our state-of-the-art DsScope & DsScopeView applications.

RF Signal Recording: Capture Higher Frequencies and Wider Bandwidths than Ever Before

GaGe’s SpectraScopeRT and SpectraViewRT are two innovative solutions designed to streamline these processes.

SpectraScopeRT, a Windows-based spectrum analyzer application, offers integrated operational control for signal capture, analysis, and real-time streaming. It supports any RF device with an IF output or a virtual receiver, providing a range of analysis displays, including Time Domain, Frequency Spectrum, Power Spectrum, and more. The non-proprietary raw binary data file format used by SpectraScopeRT facilitates easy import and utilization in other 3rd party software applications.

On the other hand, SpectraViewRT focuses on post-recording analysis, allowing users to open, view, and playback previous signal recordings. It provides various display types for analysis, supports exporting and splitting large signal recording files, and displays detailed information about each recording. With tools like SpectraScopeRT and SpectraViewRT, GaGe is helping to elevate RF Signal Recording to new heights, enhancing the performance and capabilities of high-band signal standards.

The Role of RF Downconverters

RF Downconverters play a crucial role in high-band signal recording by converting high-frequency signals into lower-frequency ones, making it easier to analyze and process the data. GaGe’s A-27 Series and A-40 Series are two exceptional lines of RF Downconverters that elevate this process.

The A-27 Series can cover RF frequencies up to 27 GHz with instantaneous bandwidths up to 160 MHz, all in a compact package weighing only 2.7 kg (6 lbs.) and consuming between 19 and 25 W of power. This series is versatile, offering compatibility with high-speed digitizers for real-time analysis and signal recordings.

The A-40 Series provides RF frequency coverage up to 40 GHz with an instantaneous bandwidth of 500 MHz, still in a compact package. Its width and length is less than a sheet of paper, weighing only 1.7 kg (3.7 lbs.) and consuming only 20 W of power. This series is recommended for use with our 12-bit EON digitizer series whose 1.75 GHz input bandwidth is compatible for use with the A-40-Series.

How Ultra-Portable RF Signal Recorders are Revolutionizing Field Operations

Ultra-portable RF Signal Recorders are changing operations by offering powerful, real-time signal recording capabilities in compact, portable packages. These state-of-the-art systems have a frequency coverage of up to 27 GHz and can capture wideband signals with up to 160 MHz bandwidth. The integrated operational control allows for seamless signal capturing, analysis, and recording.

GaGe’s ultra-portable recorders are designed to be user-friendly, featuring a programming-free GUI operation and the ability to save and load specified setup configuration settings. This makes it easy to adapt to different operational requirements without having to reconfigure the system each time. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, from next-generation 5G wireless services and satellite communications to electronic warfare, demonstrating their versatility in different fields. Weighing approximately 24 lbs., these ultra-portable systems are perfect for field operations where mobility is key.

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