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Vibration & Balancing Equipment

MTI balancing and vibration analysis equipment serve the engine propulsion and the power generation industry segments throughout the world. Our portable and test cell balancing systems are used by major aircraft engine and turbine manufacturers, US and foreign militaries and by Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) organizations to efficiently reduce turbine vibration on a variety of military and civilian airplane engine types.

Our systems first identify vibration magnitude, then further assist the user with an intuitive step-by-step balancing solution – solving balancing equations with powerful algorithms to provide the best engine vibration/balancing solutions. The result is a dramatic reduction in engine vibration; subsequently minimizing fuel burn and maximizing service intervals. As engine designs continue to evolve, MTI also offers an advanced tachometer signal conditioner which detects and conditions critical amplitude and timing changes on speed signals from raw analog inputs (N1, N2, N3) and also from engine FADEC systems.

Engine Signal Conditioning

The world of engine signal conditioning has expanded with the addition of our TSC-4800A: Tachometer Signal Conditioner System from MTI Instruments. This advanced system is purpose-built for engine monitoring and testing, offering performance and versatility you’ll love.

The TSC-4800A is a testament to our commitment to adaptability. It can seamlessly work with all types of engine speed signals, including long-tooth or short-tooth embedded N1 signals, older high-voltage tachometer generators, and engines with the new offset tooth design. It’s capable of conditioning multiple input sources for each channel, generating a “Normal” output signal for engines with N1 tachometer generators and most N2 and N3 signals. What’s more, it can also accept input signals from optical and laser sensors, opening up a world of possibilities for your operations.

Built for modern convenience, the TSC-4800A features four USB ports and an Ethernet port, ensuring easy integration into your existing systems. It offers full control via the operator console, remote data system, or even through the internet, giving you the flexibility to manage your operations from anywhere.

Charge Amplifiers

The CA1800 sets the bar high for multiple-channel charge amplifiers. This rack-mount device is engineered to provide accurate and reliable charge amplification across various applications. Its design allows for easy integration into existing systems, making it a versatile addition to your equipment. The CA1800 embodies efficiency, designed to streamline operations and improve productivity.

For those operating in harsh environments, the 41CA stands out as an exemplar of rugged design coupled with precision. This dual-channel rugged charge amplifier is built to withstand demanding conditions while delivering accurate charge amplification. Its robust construction ensures durability and reliability even in the most challenging situations. With the 41CA, you can expect uncompromised performance, regardless of the environment.

The 55CA caters specifically to single-channel applications, offering precise charge amplification in a rugged package. Designed to perform in challenging conditions, this single-channel rugged charge amplifier combines durability and reliability with precision. It’s an ideal solution for applications where a robust, reliable single-channel amplifier is needed.

Hand-Held Signal Generators

Both the 1520 and 1510A Signal Simulators are designed to simplify the process of testing and calibration. They can simulate specific signals for components, eliminating the need to replicate conditions. This means you can perform your tasks more efficiently without compromising on accuracy.

The 1520 Signal Simulator is a testament to our commitment to merging functionality with convenience. This hand-held device boasts a rugged and ergonomic design, making it a reliable companion for fieldwork. Its standout feature is its WiFi capability, which allows for remote control of sensors, making troubleshooting and diagnostic tasks more efficient. It’s not just about robustness; the 1520 Signal Simulator also delivers precision, ensuring accurate simulations every time.

When laboratory-level precision is required, the 1510A Signal Simulator steps up to the challenge. This two-channel, battery-powered, microprocessor-controlled direct digital signal generator delivers precision in a portable package. It’s an on-demand solution for signal generator inspections, ensuring you can confidently carry out your tasks.

Go Further with MTI Instruments

Our turbine engine and rotating machine measurement and balancing equipment are just the beginning of what MTI Instruments can do for you. Explore additional products like our charge amplifiers and more.

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