Capacitance Sensors

25μm to 12mm

Min. Resolution

Fiber Optic Sensors

102μm to 7.6mm

Min. Resolution

1D Laser Systems

2mm to 400mm

Min. Resolution

2D/3D Laser Systems

6mm to 1m (Z)

Min. Resolution

What is Non-Contact Displacement Sensing?

Non-Contact displacement sensing can be accomplished by a variety of different types of sensors such as eddy current , capacitance, laser triangulation, confocal chromatic and fiber optic. The non-contact distance measurement sensors are used to measure such things as semiconductor surface profiles, brake rotor run out, parts stack up heights for smart phones – all these down to micrometer resolution! Since non contact displacement sensing doesn’t touch the part, there is no part loading and no marks or dents are left on the item being measured.

When nanometer accuracy is needed, capacitance distance thickness measurement sensors have the best linearity specification out of all the technologies which is particularly useful with semiconductor surface mapping or profiling. Our precision laser thickness measurement sensors offers the largest standoff of all the non-contact sensors and can achieve sub micron resolution. MTI’s fiber optic sensors are best for measuring high frequency vibration such as with ultrasonic welders or piezoelectric transducers.

Distance Measurement Sensor

Testing and measuring your electrical components require precision equipment to get the most accurate readings possible. For many of these systems, these parts can fall on the more delicate side of their construction and suffer dents, depressions, and more physical damage at the slightest touch. That’s where non-contact measurement sensors can provide a wealth of benefits for engineers looking to conduct thorough testing.

When you choose MTI Instruments for your distance measurement sensors, you’re choosing a company that has painstakingly researched and developed the highest-quality high-precision distance sensors on the market. We understand that to keep your devices within industry standards, and you require the most accurate measurements possible. Our products deliver that and more.

In addition to our line of distance measurement sensors, we also offer our customers the following precision measuring products:

Non-Contact Sensors

For engineers looking to test delicate components within larger systems, you want to get as accurate a reading as possible without sacrificing structural integrity. The part could also be located in a hard-to-reach place, requiring a lengthy disassembly process. That’s where a non-contact distance measurement sensor from MTI Instruments can be your best move.

Our line of distance measurement sensors doesn’t require direct contact with the part in question to get an accurate reading. Our devices provide the nanometer-level accuracy needed to determine the thickness and assist with mapping your semiconductor’s total surface or profile.

High-Precision Distance Sensor

When it comes to high-precision distance sensors, you want devices that live up to the billing. Engineers across various industries require precision measurements to ensure everything from jets to engines and more are running properly. Our lineup features options that deliver this needed level of accuracy when you need them the most and ensures your machines meet your specifications. These sensors have helped engineering teams ensure everything from turbines to jet engines receive the attention and proper maintenance they need to ensure smooth operation.

Measure Glass Thickness

No matter what component you’re currently working with, having an accurate reading of the thickness of the glass involved with the part remains vital. If the glass is too thick, it can disrupt operations and become an ongoing nuisance. Non-contact distance measurement sensors have helped engineers accurately measure glass thickness and make recommendations based on those findings. Our devices have an established track record of delivering the most accurate measurements on various types of glass in multiple applications.

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For engineers looking to get the most accurate measurements on hard-to-reach or delicate pieces of equipment, having a reliable non-contact option at the ready can make a significant difference. You want a product you can trust to deliver reliable readings and provide the solutions your team needs to make their lives easier.

MTI Instruments have focused on providing our customers with the best distance measurement sensors available to meet their diverse needs. Please browse our inventory and find the products your team needs today!