Today’s high-band signal standards are using higher frequencies and wider bandwidths than ever before for applications such as next generation 5G wireless services, satellite communications, electronic warfare, and more.

GaGe offers a selection of RF Downconverter models that can cover narrowband frequencies starting at 9 kHz to wideband frequencies up to 40 GHz, with instantaneous bandwidths (IBW) that range from 10 MHz up to 500 MHz. The outputs of the RF Downconverters are connected to the channel inputs of high-speed PCIe Digitizers with suitable input bandwidth and A/D sampling rates for the targeted application.

All RF Downconverter models are supported with SpectraScopeRT, a Windows based spectrum analyzer application that requires no programming and allows for integrated operational control of both the RF Downconverter and the Digitizer for signal capture, analysis, and real-time signal monitoring and signal recordings.

A-27-Series RF Downconverter

Covering RF frequencies up to 27 GHz with instantaneous bandwidths up to 160 MHz, our A-27-Series RF Downconverter is engineered to meet the needs of contemporary signal standards — from 5G wireless services and satellite communications to electronic warfare.

This downconverter boasts impressive frequency and bandwidth coverage. Weighing just 2.7kg (6 lbs.), it’s a model of portability and energy efficiency. Its two RF frequency input range models and selectable IF bandwidths make it adaptable for a variety of applications. The pre-select filtering feature eliminates out-of-band signals, paving the way for precise and dependable measurements.

The A-27-Series is also compatible with high-speed GaGe Digitizers, facilitating real-time signal recording and analysis. This symbiosis allows users to capture and scrutinize signals with wide bandwidths and high sampling rates, supporting multi-channel configurations for synchronized operations.

A-40-Series RF Downconverter

The A-40-Series RF Downconverter is a compact yet powerful tool designed to address the rigorous demands of today’s signal standards, making it a go-to solution for cutting-edge applications such as 5G wireless services, satellite communications and electronic warfare. Its capabilities extend to covering RF frequencies up to an impressive 40 GHz with an instantaneous bandwidth of 500 MHz, ensuring you never miss a beat in the fast-paced world of radio frequency.

One of the standout features of the A-40-Series is its wide frequency range, stretching from 24 GHz to 40 GHz. This expansive coverage allows for the capture and analysis of high-end signals that populate the upper echelons of the radio spectrum. Coupled with the downconverter’s wide bandwidth of 500 MHz, you can delve deep into large frequency spans, uncovering details that were previously elusive.

The A-40-Series shines exceptionally bright when put to task on mmWave 5G Frequency Range 2 (FR2) testing. With the capacity to seize an entire 400 MHz channel bandwidth in real time, it leaves no stone unturned, recording every detail for subsequent analysis. When paired with the high-speed GaGe Signatec Digitizers, it forms a formidable force for comprehensive 5G testing.

Supporting multi-channel systems, the A-40-Series is a team player, synchronizing operations with a common external 10 MHz reference clock source and trigger source. This unmatched timing precision makes it an indispensable asset in the construction of complex RF systems.

Can Your Industry Benefit From Our RF Downconverters?

RF Downconverters are vital pieces of technology that play a pivotal role in a multitude of industries. Their ability to convert high-frequency signals into lower, more manageable frequency ranges opens up a world of opportunities for signal analysis and interpretation. Here’s how different sectors can leverage the power of these innovative tools:

  • Telecommunications:
  • Defense & Security
  • Aerospace & Satellite Communications
  • R&D
  • Broadcasting

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