Today’s high-band signal standards are using higher frequencies and wider bandwidths than ever before for applications such as next generation 5G wireless services, satellite communications, electronic warfare, and more.

GaGe offers a selection of RF Downconverter models that can cover narrowband frequencies starting at 9 kHz to wideband frequencies up to 40 GHz, with instantaneous bandwidths (IBW) that range from 10 MHz up to 500 MHz. The outputs of the RF Downconverters are connected to the channel inputs of high-speed PCIe Digitizers with suitable input bandwidth and A/D sampling rates for the targeted application.

All RF Downconverter models are supported with SpectraScopeRT, a Windows based spectrum analyzer application that requires no programming and allows for integrated operational control of both the RF Downconverter and the Digitizer for signal capture, analysis, and real-time signal monitoring and signal recordings.