SpectraScopeRT & SpectraViewRT

SpectraScopeRT is a Windows based spectrum analyzer application that requires no programming and allows for integrated operational control of both the downconverter receiver and the digitizer for signal capture, analysis, and conduct RF real-time streaming signal recordings with live monitoring. Any tuner, downconverter, or receiver with an IF output or a virtual receiver is supported. Analysis displays include Time Domain, Frequency Spectrum, Power Spectrum, Constellation, Spectrogram, Persistence, & Histogram.

The companion SpectraViewRT application allows an operator to open/view and conduct playback of previous signal recordings to the display monitor for analysis.

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Why You Need the RF Signal Recording & Playback Viewer Spectrum Analyzer App

At GaGe by Vitrek, we empower businesses and professionals with the most innovative technology solutions. We’re proud to present you with our groundbreaking RF Signal Recording & Playback Viewer Spectrum Analyzer App, a tool that revolutionizes signal capture, analysis, and real-time streaming signal recordings. It transforms complex signal behaviors into comprehensible insights, allowing you to stay ahead in your field.

Why Choose Our Spectrum Analyzer App?

  • Analysis Displays: Our app provides a variety of analysis displays such as Time Domain, Frequency Spectrum, Power Spectrum, Constellation, Spectrogram, and more. These displays translate into valuable insights, helping you decipher sophisticated signal characteristics effortlessly.
  • Real-Time Recordings: Never miss a beat with our app’s real-time streaming signal recording feature. This function ensures the captured data is stored accurately and allows live monitoring for seamless operations.
  • In-Depth Playback and Analysis: With our companion SpectraViewRT application, you can revisit previous signal recordings for detailed analysis. This feature supports various display types and playback operations, enabling you to dive deeper into recorded signals.
  • Streamlined Data Export: Our app facilitates easy export of split files, allowing you to break down large signal recording files into smaller, manageable ones. This simplifies data manipulation and management, making it easier to transfer and analyze specific data of interest.
  • Remote Multiple System Control: Our Spectrum Analyzer App supports the SpectraScopeRT Server option, enabling control and monitoring of multiple systems remotely. This feature is a game-changer for managing various systems without the need for physical presence at each location.
  • Customizable Automation and Scripting: Our app features a script editor for designing automation sequences, allowing you to create customized workflows and save precious time on repetitive tasks.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The app’s programming-free GUI operation ensures it’s accessible to users of all skill levels. The intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface guarantees a smooth user experience.

Leverage Our Tools for Your Industry Goals and Needs

Across diverse industries, the need for accurate and reliable data is paramount. Vitrek’s RF Signal Recording & Playback Viewer Spectrum Analyzer App serves as a crucial instrument in meeting this demand. With its integrated operational control of the downconverter receiver and digitizer, this innovative app is transforming the way industries capture, analyze, and monitor RF signals.

Our app delivers precise signal analysis for the aerospace industry, fostering enhanced communication and data transmission. Automotive and electric vehicle sectors leverage the app for efficient testing and development of intricate electronic systems, driving optimal performance and safety.

In the consumer products and electronics realm, our tools ensure quality control by providing detailed signal analysis and recording, leading to the production of high-quality, reliable devices. The medical field finds value in the app’s precise measurement and analysis capabilities, contributing to improved patient outcomes through accurate device and system evaluations.

Military and defense sectors rely on our app for dependable testing and monitoring of critical defense systems, reinforcing national security. Meanwhile, the semiconductor industry utilizes the app’s meticulous signal analysis for precise measurement and evaluation of semiconductor devices, propelling technological advancements.

And when it comes to the realm of research and development, our app provides robust support for experimentation, facilitating scientific breakthroughs with its comprehensive data capture and analysis capabilities.

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In a world increasingly driven by data and precision, GaGe by Vitrek’s RF Signal Recording & Playback Viewer Spectrum Analyzer App stands as a beacon of innovation. We look forward to partnering with you on your journey toward excellence. For more information on our products and how they can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Additional products include our PC Oscilloscope App and Software Development Kits.