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GaGe, a Vitrek brand since 1987, is a leading manufacturer of high-speed data acquisition solutions with top-performance digitizers known for maintaining the maximum effective number of bits (ENOB) over a wide frequency range. GaGe offers PC-based high-speed signal acquisition, processing, and recording systems with quality signal conditioning, signal fidelity features, oscilloscope software, and SDKs. Applications include signal analysis, lidar, ultrasound imaging, non-destructive testing, communications, particle physics, and more. GaGe products also incorporate solutions from Signatec and KineticSystems. GaGe’s products are used in signal technology applications across aerospace, defense, SIGINT, radar, high-speed communications, lab test & measurement, and medical imaging industries.

High-Speed Data Acquisition & Signal Recording Systems

16-Bit High-Speed A/D Digitizers

GaGe 16-bit resolution digitizer models divide the input voltage range into 65,536 different digitization levels, which improves the delectability limit by a factor of 4 over the 16,384 levels of a 14-bit resolution digitizer model.

GaGe 16-bit digitizers feature sampling rates at up to 1 GigaSample per second and are available with 2 or 4 digitizing channels, input bandwidths of up to 600 MHz, deep onboard sample memory up to 4 GS (8 GB), and true ENOBs up to 12.1 bits.

14-Bit High-Speed A/D Digitizers

GaGe 14-bit resolution digitizer models divide the input voltage range into 16,384 different digitization levels, which improves the delectability limit by a factor of 4 over the 4,096 levels of a 12-bit resolution digitizer model.

GaGe 14-bit digitizers feature sampling rates at up to 500 MegaSamples per second and are available with 2 digitizing channels, input bandwidths of up to 250 MHz, deep onboard sample memory up to 4 GS (8 GB), and true ENOBs up to 11.6 bits.

12-Bit High-Speed A/D Digitizers

GaGe 12-bit resolution digitizer models divide the input voltage range into 4,096 different digitization levels, which improves the delectability limit by a factor of 16 over the 256 levels of an 8-bit resolution digitizer model.

GaGe 12-bit digitizers feature sampling rates at up to 2 GigaSamples per second on 2 channels or 6 GigaSamples per second on 1 channel with input bandwidths of up to 1.75 GHz, deep onboard sample memory up to 4 GS (8 GB), and true ENOBs up to 8.9 bits.

8-Bit High-Speed A/D Digitizers

GaGe 8-bit resolution digitizer models divide the input voltage range into 256 different digitization levels with sampling rates at up to 4 GigaSamples per second on 1 channel or 2 GigaSamples per second on 2 channels with input bandwidths of up to 1.5 GHz, deep onboard sample memory up to 16 GS (16 GB), and true ENOBs of up to 7.6 bits.


Optional firmware features that allow for signal processing analysis, or other specific functionality, to be performed on the digitizer hardware itself within its onboard Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). Features include PCIe Data Streaming, Signal Averaging, FFT, OCT, or custom designed for application requirements.

GPU CUDA Processing

Stream acquired data from GaGe high-speed digitizers to high-performance GPUs for signal processing and data recording in real-time. C SDK ready-made compiled sample programs illustrate PCIe data streaming to GPU and effective exploitation of GPU parallelized vector processing to attain 10X ~ 100X faster analysis rates than host CPU.

PC Oscilloscope App

GaGeScope is a PC oscilloscope application that allows users to control GaGe’s advanced digitizers quickly and easily without having to write a single line of code. Data can be displayed, analyzed, printed, and saved with an easy-to-use Windows-based user interface. GaGeScope Lite Edition is included with all GaGe digitizers.

Software Development Kits

GaGe provides a complete library of software development kits (SDKs) for C/C#, Python, LabVIEW, and MATLAB included with all GaGe digitizers. The SDKs provide several programming examples illustrating the use of digitizer hardware in different operating modes to serve as a starting point for users to develop customized applications optimized for their specific requirements.

IF Signal Recording App

DsScope is a Windows based PC oscilloscope application that requires no programming for digitizer operation, display acquired signal data for analysis, and conduct IF real-time streaming signal recordings to storage with live monitoring. Analysis displays include Time Domain, Frequency Spectrum, and Spectrogram.

The companion DsScopeView application allows an operator to open/view and conduct playback of previous signal recordings to the display monitor for analysis, with additional display capabilities that include persistence and histogram modes.

RF Signal Recording App

SpectraScopeRT is a Windows based spectrum analyzer application that requires no programming and allows for integrated operational control of both the downconverter receiver and the digitizer for signal capture, analysis, and conduct RF real-time streaming signal recordings with live monitoring. Any tuner, downconverter, or receiver with an IF output or a virtual receiver is supported. Analysis displays include Time Domain, Frequency Spectrum, Power Spectrum, Constellation, Spectrogram, Persistence, & Histogram.

The companion SpectraViewRT application allows an operator to open/view and conduct playback of previous signal recordings to the display monitor for analysis.

RF Downconverters

Today’s high-band signal standards are using higher frequencies and wider bandwidths than ever before for applications such as next generation 5G wireless services, satellite communications, electronic warfare, and more.

GaGe offers a selection of RF Downconverter models that can cover narrowband frequencies starting at 9 kHz to wideband frequencies up to 40 GHz, with instantaneous bandwidths (IBW) that range from 10 MHz up to 500 MHz. The outputs of the RF Downconverters are connected to the channel inputs of high-speed PCIe Digitizers with suitable input bandwidth and A/D sampling rates for the targeted application.

Ultra-Portable RF Signal Recorders

These real-time spectrum analyzer solutions feature ultra-portable configurations for real-time, long-term recording of RF signals. Wideband signals up to 27 GHz can be viewed, analyzed, and recorded using system-based packages that weigh up to 10.8 kg / 24 lb.

Capabilities include broadband spectrum viewing, waterfall displays, frequency domain triggering, and signal averaging, with many cursor and display options and real-time recordings up to 160 MHz in bandwidth, or selectable recorded bandwidths of 100, 80, 40, and 10 MHz, depending on configuration.

GaGe OEM Embedded Product Volume Support Program

Gain valuable time-to-market and save tens of thousands of development dollars by utilizing our strategic Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) embedded product volume support program with our reliable, high-quality data acquisition products:

  • No charge for product evaluation and SDKs for qualification and initial development.
  • No charge support through the evaluation period.
  • Negotiated factory and/or on-site technical support, including custom hardware and software development.
  • Volume discount pricing.
  • Custom engineering change order control of supplied product.
  • Provided software tools on a site-wide level license basis.
  • Product safety stock pool program to ensure a specified quantity of product is kept in stock and ready-to-ship basis.

Selecting the Right Hardware

GaGe offers numerous products for various brands, needs, and requirements. With a diverse inventory, we can help outline every aspect of data acquisition and signal recording that our products can assist you with. From 16-bit digitizers to high-speed signal recording systems, we offer the right hardware and numerous ways to help you select the proper hardware for your needs.

  • Determine Your Data Acquisition Needs: GaGe is renowned for its high-speed digitizers with different resolutions and features. These digitizers are acclaimed for their high performance and signal fidelity, making them ideal for applications demanding precision and reliability.
  • Consider Custom Application Development: If your project requires a tailor-made solution, GaGe provides software development kits (SDKs) for custom application development. This allows you to create a software solution ideally suited to your requirements.
  • Evaluate Your Industry-Specific Needs: GaGe’s products find applications in a host of industries, from lidar and ultrasound imaging to satellite communications and spectrum monitoring. Understanding your industry’s unique requirements can guide you to the most appropriate product from GaGe’s inventory.

Why Data Acquisition Software Matters

In today’s digital age, data is the key to unlocking potential and driving growth. It informs decisions, shapes strategies, and offers valuable insights into every aspect of your business. To harness this power, you need a tool that can efficiently gather, analyze, and interpret data. This is where GaGe’s cutting-edge data acquisition software comes into play for signal capture and signal analysis applications.

Real-Time Insights for Informed Decisions

Our data acquisition software provides real-time monitoring of diverse parameters and processes. This immediate access to data ensures operational efficiency, allowing for quick, informed decision-making. Stay on top of your operations like never before, making timely adjustments for optimal performance.

With continuous data collection and analysis, our software also helps you uphold high-quality standards across your operations. Identify any discrepancies or anomalies early on, ensuring your products and services consistently meet and exceed expectations. Quality control has never been more streamlined or efficient.

Boost Productivity Through Automation

Automated data collection with our software frees up your valuable time and resources. Let our system handle the demanding task of data gathering while you focus on what you do best. Experience improved productivity and smoother operations.

Our data acquisition software also helps boost productivity with predictive analysis by compiling vast amounts of data to use with digitizers and receivers. Anticipate future trends, foresee customer needs, and make proactive business decisions that keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Simplify Compliance and Reporting

Detailed data reporting is a requirement in many industries due to stringent regulations. Our data acquisition software simplifies this process, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of penalties. Stay compliant effortlessly, focusing more on your core business.

Why You Need Signal Recording Systems

In the digital age, signal recording systems have become a crucial part of many industries and applications. They provide a vast range of benefits that can enhance your operations, improve your efficiency, and ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

  • Data Integrity: Signal recording systems capture and store data in real time. This ensures that all information is accurate and reliable, thereby maintaining data integrity.
  • Enhanced Analysis: These systems allow you to monitor and analyze signals over time. Reviewing this data allows you to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies that might not be noticeable in real-time.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Signal recording systems can help detect issues before they become major problems. By monitoring equipment performance and identifying irregularities, you can perform preventative maintenance and avoid costly repairs or downtime.
  • Compliance: Many industries are required to keep detailed records for compliance purposes. A signal recording system automates this process, ensuring you meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Improved Decision Making: By providing precise, reliable data, signal recording systems enable you to make informed decisions. Whether you’re optimizing processes, improving performance, or troubleshooting issues, these systems provide the insights you need to make the best choices for your business.

Investing in a signal recording system is an investment in the future of your business. Look to GaGe for our numerous signal recording systems built to last.

Why Trust GaGe For Your High-Speed Data Acquisition & Signal Recording System Needs

As the industry’s choice for high-speed data acquisition and signal recording systems, GaGe is committed to providing you with the most advanced and reliable solutions. Our range of products, from high-speed digitizers to signal recorders, are designed to meet your every need.

We understand the importance of support in maximizing your product experience. That’s why we offer extensive resources, including software downloads and technical support, to ensure your operations always run smoothly.

Our OEM programs and academic discount programs are designed to provide additional value to our partners and customers. We believe in fostering long-term relationships that enhance growth and drive innovation. Our expertise spans multiple industries, including aerospace, life science, and semiconductor, which gives you confidence that our solutions are here to meet your specific requirements.

Under our portfolio of brands – Vitrek, GaGe, and MTI Instruments – we assure you of our commitment to quality and compliance with ISO standards. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in every solution we offer.

Contact us today or request a quote. From data signal processing to high-speed A/D digitizers, we look forward to partnering with you on your journey to success.

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About Vitrek’s Portfolio of Brands

Since 1990, Vitrek has provided innovative global solutions for high voltage test and measurement including electrical safety compliance testers, multi-point high voltage switching systems and graphical power analyzers. Vitrek is the parent company of several industry related brands, including XiTRON, MTI Instruments, GaGe, Signatec and KineticSystems. Our portfolio of products include test and measurement solutions including high-voltage, safety and compliance testing solutions, non-contact measurement devices, portable signal simulators and calibrators, semiconductor/solar metrology systems and turbine engine/rotating machine balancing. Our data-acquisition brands add a wide array of board-level data acquisition and integrated real-time signal recording system solutions from GaGe, Signatec, and KineticSystems. Vitrek also supplies precision high voltage measurement standards to national laboratories and calibration labs around the world. This unique and complementary combination of product and engineering capabilities positions Vitrek as a leading provider of test solutions serving the photovoltaic, medical equipment, power conversion, electrical/electronic component, semiconductor, aerospace and appliance industries. Vitrek is an accredited ISO 17025 Calibration Laboratory and ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization.

MTI Instruments, a Vitrek brand, is a US-based manufacturer of precision tools, systems and solutions for clients requiring the precise measurement and control of products and processes and for the development and implementation of in-situ precision measurement for the automation of manufacturing, assembly and complex machinery operation. Our product solutions are used in engine vibration analysis systems for military and commercial aircraft applications, industrial manufacturing/production markets and research, design and process development markets. MTI maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with ISO9001:2015.

GaGe, a Vitrek brand, established in 1987, is a US-based producer in high-speed data acquisition solutions featuring a portfolio of the highest performance Digitizers that are renowned for sustaining the maximum effective number of bits (ENOB) over a wide signal frequency range with quality signal conditioning and signal fidelity features, PC oscilloscope software, and powerful SDKs for custom application development used in applications for signal analysis, lidar, ultrasound imaging and non-destructive testing, communications, particle physics, mass spectroscopy and more. GaGe brand products include solutions previously available from Signatec and KineticSystems

GaGe’s product offering includes PC-based high-speed and real-time signal acquisition, processing and recording systems. GaGe systems combine the performance features of oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers delivering fully integrated solutions. GaGe’s advanced systems are used in signal technology applications for aerospace and defense, SIGINT, radar, high-speed communications, laboratory test & measurement, medical imaging and more.

Vitrek Corporation (Poway, CA) is an accredited ISO 17025 Calibration Laboratory.

MTI Instruments, by Vitrek (Albany, NY) is ISO 9001:2015 certified with TUV Rheinland of North America.


Vitrek instruments are manufactured to be RoHS compliant.