CHIPS: Investments in innovation, resilience, and a more competitive American future.

Vitrek Supports US Semiconductor Manufacturers!

Vitrek brands have supported semiconductor manufacturers like Intel, NVIDIA, Samsung, Qualcomm and others for over 20 years via our test and measurement solutions. 

Limited Time Promotion to support CHIPS for America!

15% Off Products for US Semiconductor Manufacturers!

US manufacturers may take advantage of this limited time 15% off promotion for Vitrek’s family of products used in manufacturing and R&D of semiconductors.

Use the form below to request your product quote, or contact us directly and mention promo code CHIPS2023.

This promotion extends through 11/30/23 and is valid only for manufacturers of Semiconductors located in the USA.  The discount applies to the following products: Vitrek PA Series Power Analyzers, Vitrek DL Series Electronic DC Load, GaGe High-Speed Digitizers, MTI Instruments Manual & Semi-automated Metrology Systems, MTI Instruments 1510A Signal Generator.

Qualifying Products

Manual Semiconductor Metrology System

The Proforma 300i wafer thickness gauge is a capacitance-based, differential measurement system that performs non-contact thickness measurements of semiconducting and semi-insulating wafers.

Semi-automated Metrology System

The Proforma 300iSA is a benchtop/desktop, semi-automated wafer measurement system for semi-conducting and semi-insulating materials delivering full wafer surface scanning for thickness, thickness variation, bow, warp, sori, site and global flatness.

1510A Signal Simulators

Signal simulators are essential tools in semiconductor manufacturing for testing and verifying the performance of semiconductor devices and circuits. They are used to generate and simulate electrical signals that mimic real-world conditions, allowing engineers to assess the functionality and reliability of their designs before fabrication.

PA Series Power Analyzers

Power analyzers are essential tools in semiconductor manufacturing for measuring and analyzing electrical power parameters of semiconductor devices, circuits, and systems. They provide valuable insights into power consumption, efficiency, and performance, enabling engineers to optimize power usage, diagnose issues, and ensure the quality of their semiconductor products.


DL Series Electronic DC Load

Vitrek’s DL Series of DC Electronic Load devices are the ideal choice for testing and characterizing DC power sources, power supplies, and semiconductor devices. They provide a controllable load that simulates real-world operating conditions, allowing engineers to evaluate the performance, stability, and efficiency of their designs. The DL Series is equipped with an easy-to-read color display and is a combined load, four five-digit meters, an oscilloscope and a datalogger in one compact, easy-to-use instrument.

GaGe High Speed Digitizers

High-speed digitizers, also known as high-speed data acquisition systems or oscilloscopes, are essential tools used in semiconductor manufacturing for capturing
and analyzing fast electrical signals with high fidelity. They enable engineers to observe and measure the behavior of semiconductor devices and circuits in real-time, facilitating design validation, performance analysis, and troubleshooting.

GaGe high-performance digitizers are renowned for sustaining the maximum effective number of bits (ENOB) over a wide signal frequency range with quality signal conditioning and signal fidelity features.


What is the CHIPS Act?

The CHIPS Act, or the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors for America’s Future Act, is a pivotal piece of legislation in the United States aimed at bolstering domestic semiconductor manufacturing. Introduced in 2021, it represents a bipartisan effort to address the growing global semiconductor shortage and enhance national security.

This act provides substantial financial incentives and investment in semiconductor research, development, and production capabilities within the United States. It allocates funds to support research and development programs, incentivizes semiconductor manufacturing through grants, and creates a framework for partnerships between the government and private sector.

The CHIPS Act recognizes the critical role of semiconductors in modern technology, affecting industries from automotive to healthcare. By investing in domestic semiconductor production, the United States aims to reduce its reliance on foreign suppliers, particularly in Asia. This not only safeguards the supply chain but also enhances national security by ensuring access to vital components for defense systems.

Overall, the CHIPS Act represents a significant step toward strengthening the semiconductor industry in the United States, promoting innovation, and securing the nation’s technological leadership in an increasingly competitive global landscape.

How is Vitrek Supporting the CHIP Act?

Vitrek is a US-based company. We design, build, calibrate, repair, and support all our products right here in North America. Our parts have full traceability, and we only use authorized components in all our products.

Vitrek has been serving the Semiconductor market for decades and our reputation for quality and reliability is well known in the industry. To this point, we look forward to serving all Semiconductor manufacturers that are looking for US-based suppliers that can meet their most demanding capability needs. We look forward to accelerating their buildout efforts around Semiconductor Research Centers and Manufacturing plants in the United States.

About CHIPS for America

Semiconductors, or chips, are tiny electronic devices that are integral to America’s economic and national security. These devices power tools as simple as a light switch and as complex as a fighter jet or a smartphone. Semiconductors power our consumer electronics, automobiles, data centers, critical infrastructure, and virtually all military systems. They are also essential building blocks of the technologies that will shape our future, including artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and clean energy.

While the United States remains a global leader in semiconductor design and research and development, it has fallen behind in manufacturing and now accounts for only about 10 percent of global commercial production. Today, none of the most advanced logic and memory chips—the chips that power PCs, smartphones, and supercomputers—are manufactured at commercial scale in the United States. In addition, many elements of the semiconductor supply chain are geographically concentrated, leaving them vulnerable to disruption and endangering the global economy and U.S. national security.

That’s why President Biden signed the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 into law. The law provides the Department of Commerce with $50 billion for a suite of programs to strengthen and revitalize the U.S. position in semiconductor research, development, and manufacturing—while also investing in American workers. CHIPS for America encompasses two offices responsible for implementing the law: the CHIPS Research and Development Office is investing $11 billion into developing a robust domestic R&D ecosystem, while the CHIPS Program Office is dedicating $39 billion to provide incentives for investment in facilities and equipment in the United States.

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s CHIPS Program Office’s first funding opportunity seeks applications for projects for the construction, expansion, or modernization of commercial facilities for the fabrication of leading-edge, current-generation, and mature-node semiconductors. Through that funding opportunity, the CHIPS Program Office will soon also be accepting applications for projects for the construction, expansion, or modernization of semiconductor materials and manufacturing equipment facilities for which the capital investment equals or exceeds $300 million.

Later in 2023, the CHIPS Program Office will release a dedicated funding opportunity for semiconductor materials and manufacturing equipment facilities with capital investments below $300 million, as well as a funding opportunity for R&D facilities. These investments will be key to restoring U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, supporting good-paying jobs across the semiconductor supply chain, and advancing U.S. economic and national security.

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