Rotating Engine and Vibration Balancing Systems

Looking for balancing systems? Commercial aviation companies and the U.S. military rely on MTI Instruments’ vibration analysis and engine trim balance solutions to identify any jet engine problems quickly, saving the time and cost of engine repair and maintenance.

PBS eXpress

PBS-4100+ Gen4 Portable Vibration and Balancing System

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PBS-4100+ Portable Vibration and Balancing System

PBS-4100R+ Test Cell Vibration and Balancing System

About MTI PBS Systems

Introducing the PBS eXpress, a game-changing vibration measurement and engine rotor balancing system crafted especially for small-frame turbofan and turboprop engines. This state-of-the-art technology is the perfect fit for regional jets, business jets, and general aviation markets.

Built on the robust foundation of MTI’s proven PBS 4100+ technology, the PBS eXpress is efficient and incredibly user-friendly. Its lightweight design makes it simple to set up, allowing you to get started in no time.

A standout feature of this system is its rapid vibration assessment capability. This means that if balancing is required, the PBS eXpress will swiftly perform one-shot balancing, saving you valuable time. Plus, even if you’re a first-time user, the PBS eXpress has got you covered! The system comes equipped with a trim balance wizard that ensures your success in as little as two engine runs.

But that’s not all. The PBS eXpress also offers powerful visualization surveys. It can be utilized for test cell vibration analysis and as an engine trim balance instrument. Plus, it has a range of accessories for commercial and military aviation gas turbine jet engines.

The PBS eXpress is here to revolutionize the way you measure and balance engine rotors. Get your hands on efficiency, speed, and user-friendliness like never before with the PBS eXpress from MTI Instruments.

The PBS-4100+ Gen4 Portable Vibration and Balancing System is a compact yet powerful tool designed to be your reliable partner in ensuring the smooth operation of your aviation engines.

Right off the bat, the PBS-4100+ Gen4 stands out with its portable, lightweight design and robust build. It promises up to 4 hours of battery operation, allowing you to perform comprehensive checks even in remote locations.

The system offers 4 input channels with a broad frequency range of 5 Hz to 25 kHz and a voltage range of 0 to ±10 Volts Peak. It also provides 3 tachometer input channels, making it compatible with various engine types and speed signals.

With the PBS-4100+ Gen4, you have the flexibility of one-shot or trial weight-balancing options. It boasts an expanded frequency range to support turboshaft and APU testing, streamlining vibration survey and balancing processes for your convenience.

At MTI Instruments, we recognize your need for robust tools capable of swiftly identifying jet engine problems and eliminating unnecessary engine removals. With this in mind, we proudly introduce the innovative PBS-4100+ Portable Vibration and Balancing System from MTI Instruments.

Designed with both commercial and military applications in mind, the PBS-4100+ system is a game-changer in machine testing. It boasts up to 4 vibration channels and 3 speed channels, providing a comprehensive analysis of engine performance. The intuitive color graphical user interface, complemented by a touch screen, ensures seamless operation, even under the most demanding conditions.

But what sets the PBS-4100+ apart is its robust diagnostic capabilities. With its built-in diagnostics and traceability reporting, you can significantly reduce your maintenance costs while ensuring consistent performance across all your engines. Versatile aircraft cable sets and connection accessories add to the system’s compatibility with all jet engines and aircraft types.

The PBS-4100R+ Test Cell Vibration and Balancing System is a testament to MTI’s commitment to providing efficient, effective, and user-friendly solutions for engine testing and troubleshooting.

The PBS-4100R+ is a versatile system that can support experimental testing with up to 12 vibration channels and enable the testing of three-spool engines with its 3-speed channels. It offers up to 32 Analog Output channels, driving test cell meters and external instrumentation seamlessly.

One of the key features is its ability to convert and present vibration readings in your preferred units. You can display vibration data in various formats, such as tables, bar graphs, and X-Y plots. It also allows you to balance engines exhibiting vibration peaks at up to 20 speeds, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your engines.

Designed for convenience and flexibility, the PBS-4100R+ system also supports optional remote operation via ETHERNET. This means you can fully operate and interrogate the system from your test cell control facilities or Power Plant Engineering access.

In an effort to provide the best support and services to our clients, we’re constantly making important updates to our product line. As of August 1st, 2021, we have discontinued calibration and repair services for PBS-4100 and PBS-4100R models manufactured on or before 2012.

However, this transition comes with opportunities. Owners of these products may be eligible for exchange credits, providing an economical path to upgrade to our latest systems. We encourage you to plan ahead and consider budgeting for an upgrade or replacement of your PBS system. Our team at MTI Instruments is ready and eager to discuss your options and guide you through this transition.

We urge you to explore our fantastic suite of rotating engine and vibration balancing systems. But if you’re looking for more, MTI Instruments has got you covered. Contact us today at to learn more about additional products like our vibration and balancing equipment.