PA910 High Accuracy (0.045%) Precision Multi-Channel Harmonic Power Analyzer

Introducing the High Accuracy (0.045%) Vitrek PA PA910 Precision Harmonic Power Analyzer, the newest additions to Vitrek’s family of Power Analyzer products.

The PA910 is the most powerful, accurate and flexible power analyzer available on the market today available with 0.045% power accuracy. These new products provider faster sampling rates, bandwidth performance and greater harmonic frequency, yet still easy-to-use and affordable.

The PA910 power analyzers offer expanded power analysis options. The PA910 offers ultra high 0.045% power accuracy for all channels and improved voltage and current self-heating adders over those of other power analyzers. In addition, the PA910 provides easy channel selection for the user while offering 100 full precision readings per second and measurement bandwidths sufficient to handle 5 MHz waveforms.

When You Need Maximum Performance & Accuracy Choose Vitrek’s PA910 Series Power Analyzers!

• High Power Accuracy of 0.045% For All Channels
• Improved Voltage and Current Self-Heating Adders
• Faster Sampling Rates & Bandwidth Performance
• Greater Harmonic Frequencies

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