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Why You Need Automotive Cable Tests Before Cars Hit the Road

The automotive industry deals with some of the most technologically diverse pieces of commercially available machinery worldwide — cars and trucks. As these machines continue to evolve and the technology under the hood becomes more complex, ensuring that every wire, electrical connection, and more meets the strict safety standards remains [...]

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How Vitrek Can Give Colleges and Vocational Schools a Boost

Training tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, and technicians can prove an exhausting job for educators. You need to ensure the curriculum meets the highest academic standards, the students remain engaged, and the classrooms are equipped with the best equipment possible. As they move on from your classrooms, you want to ensure they’re [...]

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Vendors Support Hipot, Insulation-Resistance and Ground-Bond Tests- as seen in Rick’s Blog on the EE Website – 7/18

Vendors Support Hipot, Insulation-Resistance and Ground Bond Tests by Rick Nelson - Evaluation Engineering - July 2018 To meet the requirements of your electrical safety testing applications, you can choose from a variety of instruments and systems that perform hipot, insulation resistance (IR), ground-resistance and ground-bond (GB) tests across a [...]

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Picking the Right Hipot Tester For The Job – as published in Power Systems Design Magazine – 9/2018

Picking the Right Hipot Tester for the Job Understanding the testing requirements and standards will ultimately save testing time and cost. By Kevin Clark, CEO, Vitrek Hipot testers offer a range of capabilities starting with dielectric withstand and insulation resistance testing but also, in many instances, providing accurate low-resistance measurements [...]

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Industry 4.0 for Test and Measurement

Industry 4.0 promises greater integration, interoperability, and information exchange. This Fourth Wave of the Industrial Revolution isn’t about a single technology such as machine learning. It’s not just about artificial intelligence (AI) or Big [...]

  • Avionics Test and Measurement Systems

Navy Orders Avionics Test and Measurement Systems

The U.S. Navy wants new avionics test and measurement systems. Under the terms of a $109-million award, the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division in Lakehurst, New Jersey will buy 41 electronic consolidated automated [...]

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The Top Five Trends Impacting Test and Measurement for 2019

With 2019 upon us, we know everyone is thinking about what's next in the Test and Measurement industry.   We also know that without test and measurement equipment, engineers can't accurately and consistently prove that their [...]

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A Tutorial on Capacitors Introduction A capacitor is a passive electrical component comprised of two terminals. And together with inductors and resistors, they are the most basic components used inelectrical circuits. For [...]

Laser Safety Standards

Laser Safety Standards Handling lasers can be dangerous to the user. That’s why safety measures have been put in place as a form of protection. IEC 60825-1 has become the standard of laser [...]

  • 15 Measurement Activities for Students

15 Measurement Activities for Students

Image Source: Pixabay 15 Measurement Activities for Students Written by: Tiffany Chambers Did you know we measure things every day without realizing we do so?Whether we’re measuring how much sugar to add [...]

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Selecting a Displacement Sensor / Measuring System

Capacitive displacement sensors Capacitive displacement sensors are non-contact devices that are used for measurements at a high-resolution. It can also be used to check the position of any conductive object as well as measure [...]

What is Measurement?

Measurement is about determining the quantifiable attributes of a target object. Examples of these attributes include: length weight distance thickness position capacity size The following sections explain more about what measurement is – and [...]

What is Calibration, and Why Is It Important?

Calibration Calibration in measurement technology is the evaluation of measurement values that is delivered by a device that can deliver a calibration standard of known accuracy. Think of this standard as another measurement device [...]

Engine Vibration and Balancing Principles

What do you think when you’re flying home, cruising at 30,000 feet and the drinks have just been served? Our engineers think about the ripple in the glass. That ripple signals vibration and [...]

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Measurement Applications

Application Notes by Measurement Type Whatever our customers are trying to measure precisely, MTI Instruments has a tool. From getting accurate distances and thicknesses to precise vibration analysis, our measurement systems and tools are [...]

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