DL Series Electronic DC Load

DL Series Electronic DC Load

Industry’s Easiest-To-Use DC Load – Vitrek’s DL Series Electronic Loads are available in a multiple configurations to meet your unique application requirements. No other electronic DC load on the market today is easier to use. Equipped with a full color LCD touchscreen display, the unit can quickly be set up for your next test. In addition, the DL is equipped with a comprehensive self-test that ensures that all loading and measurement circuitry is functioning properly.

Extremely Flexible in a Variety of Applications – The DL Series is equally at home generating kW, W, mW or μW loading. Whether you are performing tests for LED drivers, batteries or battery chargers, the DL Series is the right choice for these applications.

Maximum Accuracy — Maximum Features – The unit is fully featured with transient and wide band non-linear loading capabilities along with the additional feature of sweep capability. The DL Series Electronic Load provides high accuracy measurements (± 0.05%) of voltage and current with sweep steps as short as 20μs and pulsed loading up to 100 kHz. Units are fully configurable for loading riding and falling edge controls and soft-start capabilities. The DL Series provides excellent transient performance in timing and waveshape with the ability for the user to view the current and voltage waveforms using the internal scope. The device provides fully protected short loading with automatic current and power limiting.

Unequaled Visibility of Test Results – The DL Series provides graphical X/Y plotting of V vs I and V vs P characteristics using swept loading. In addition, the unit has a historical data logging capability, both graphical and numerical for additional test analysis and evaluation.

Flexible Integration in a Compact Package – The DL Series is just 5” high, 8.5” wide and 13” deep, allowing easy integration into any test bench. The unit provides a variety of interfaces including LAN, USB Device & Host and Digital I/O. In addition, multiple units may be used in parallel for static higher power and current loading.



Our Electronic DC Load Eases the Burden for Plenty of Industries

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, the demand for reliable and efficient power sources has never been higher. From powering electric vehicles to ensuring the smooth operation of renewable energy systems, the role of electronic DC loads is pivotal. At Vitrek, we understand this need and have designed our electronic DC load to meet the diverse requirements of various industries.

Car Batteries

The performance and longevity of car batteries significantly depend on the efficiency of the electronic DC load used. Our state-of-the-art electronic DC load ensures an optimal power supply, enabling car batteries to perform at their maximum capacity. Whether it’s for testing purposes or regular use, our device promises high accuracy and reliability that will keep your car running smoothly.


Fuel cells are a clean and efficient source of power. However, their performance can be compromised without a reliable electronic DC load. Our product ensures these power sources operate at peak efficiency. With our electronic DC loads, you can trust that your fuel cell systems will deliver consistent power, enhancing their lifespan and performance.

Solar Panels

As the world shifts towards more sustainable energy sources, solar panels have become increasingly prevalent. Our electronic DC loads play a crucial role in managing and distributing the energy harnessed by these panels. They ensure the constant and efficient flow of power, maximizing the productivity of your solar panels and contributing to a greener future.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry heavily relies on power systems for its operations. The electronic DC loads we offer are designed with high precision to ensure the safe and efficient operation of these complex systems. Our products guarantee a steady and reliable power supply, playing a vital role in maintaining the industry’s high safety standards.


Motors in industrial machinery or household appliances require a stable power supply to function efficiently. Our electronic DC loads ensure a balanced and constant power flow, preventing potential damage due to power surges or instabilities. This results in improved performance and extended lifespan of the motors.

Why Choose an Electronic DC Load?

The choice of an electronic DC load is not one to be taken lightly. It’s an investment in your power systems’ efficiency, reliability, and productivity. But why exactly should you choose to use one? With choices like the DL Series Electronic DC Load, you’ll receive:

  • Efficiency: Electronic DC loads ensure a steady flow of power, minimizing losses due to fluctuations or instabilities.
  • Reliability: An unexpected failure can lead to significant operational disruptions and costs. Electronic DC loads are designed for high reliability, providing a consistent power supply that you can count on.
  • Versatility: Electronic DC loads are versatile devices suitable for various applications across numerous industries.
  • Precision: Electronic DC loads offer high precision, enabling you to accurately control and manage your power supply. 
  • Easy Integration: Electronic DC loads can easily be integrated with other systems, making them a convenient addition to your existing setup. Vitrek’s DL Series Electronic DC Load comes with user-friendly interfaces that make monitoring and managing your power supply a breeze.

Get More Out of Your Electronic DC Load By Pairing it With More of What Vitrek Has to Offer

At Vitrek, we offer more than just electronic DC loads. We provide a range of products and services designed to complement and enhance the performance of your power systems. By pairing our electronic DC load with other offerings from Vitrek, you can optimize the operation of your systems and get the most out of your investment. Visit the Vitrek product catalog to explore additional products like the 98x Teraohmmeter and the  964i High Voltage Switching System.

Get the DL Series Electronic DC Load Today!

The DL Series Electronic DC Load from Vitrek is more than just a power solution. It’s a product that leads you to the promised land. Designed with precision and versatility in mind, it adapts to your specific needs, delivering a consistent power supply that drives your operations forward. Our electronic DC load is the trusted choice for powering your success in plenty of industries worldwide. Experience the difference today with Vitrek. Contact us to learn more.