ACCUMEASURE | Modular Capacitance Rack System

Multi-channel capacitance system designed for displacement, position and gap measurement

Compact by design, the Accumeasure TM 500 capacitve sensing sensor is ideal for in vehicle testing of brake rotors, axle runout, or thermal expansion testing using the DC model. Multiple racks may be synchronized together for multichannel operation on a common surface to avoid inter-channel interference.

The Accumeasure TM 500 compact multi channel capacitance rack system accepts up to 6 capacitance amplifiers. Capacitance sensors are used to measure position, thickness, dynamic motion, vibration, run-out of conductive and semi-conducting materials where high resolution and accuracy of up to sub nanometer are required. Select from the standard AS-563 (for grounded targets) or the proprietary push/pull AS-562 (ungrounded targets) in any combination.

The modular design allows customers to populate the rack with their required number of measurement channels for thickness or single ended displacement measurements.

Capacitance Displacement Module

The Fundamental Features That Separate Our Accumeasure AS-500

The Accumeasure AS-500 sets new standards in non-contact measurement. It’s a high-precision tool that offers a range of unique features designed to streamline and improve your measurement processes. Its primary feature is its high-frequency response, which allows for swift and accurate measurements. The system also provides an analog output that can be easily integrated with other systems, enhancing its versatility. Furthermore, its compact design ensures it fits seamlessly into your workspace.

Our Accumeasure AS-500 is a compact modular rack system that can hold up to six measurement channels or summing amplifiers. This feature makes it highly adaptable to your specific needs and enables it to deliver precise measurements across multiple channels simultaneously. Moreover, the system is built on the parallel plate capacitor measurement principle, ensuring the highest accuracy.

Why Accurate Measurement of Brake Rotor Thickness Matters

The brake rotor, also known as a brake disc, plays a pivotal role in vehicle safety. Given its crucial role, accurate brake rotor thickness measurement is critical. That’s why you need tools like our Accumeasure AS-500 if you want proper readings that don’t limit the effectiveness and growth of your operations. 

  • Safety: The most critical reason is safety. Brake rotors that are thinner than the manufacturer’s recommended minimum thickness can overheat, leading to brake fade or failure. Overheated rotors can also warp, leading to an uneven braking surface and causing your vehicle to jitter when you apply the brakes. This could potentially result in accidents, particularly at high speeds.
  • Performance: Brake performance is directly related to the thickness of the brake rotors. Thinner rotors provide less surface area for the brake pads to grip, leading to reduced stopping power. Thinner rotors also dissipate heat less effectively, which can cause the brake pads to overheat and lose effectiveness.
  • Longevity: Accurately measuring brake rotor thickness can help ensure the longevity of your braking system. If the rotors are too thin, they can wear out more quickly, leading to more frequent and costly replacements.
  • Compliance: In many regions, vehicles must meet specific safety standards to be legally driven on the road. These standards often include minimum brake rotor thickness. Accurate measurement ensures that your vehicle is compliant with these regulations.

Vehicle Manufacturers Can Benefit From MTI’s Accumeasure AS-500 Modular Capacitance Rack System

Accurate brake rotor thickness and axle runout measurement are crucial in the automotive industry, especially for vehicle manufacturers. Capacitive sensing offers a reliable method to achieve this precision. Capacitive sensors monitor the distance between the brake rotor and a probe while the rotor is spinning, improving the quality of brakes, reducing manufacturing defects, and delivering on safety standards.

The use of capacitive sensing can significantly reduce rotor runout, pedal pulsation, uneven wear, and brake job comebacks, leading to lower maintenance costs and improved customer satisfaction. Capacitive sensor output is also clean and accurate, overcoming the limitations of built-in measurement systems in some drilling machines.

Accurate evaluation of brake rotor runout is also very important for diagnosing the extent of issues and determining the appropriate remedial actions. To accurately measure against the minimum thickness, the use of a micrometer at different points on the rotor is recommended. The insight from these measurements can aid in preventing brake pulsation before it starts, thereby enhancing the overall performance and longevity of the vehicle’s brake system.

Pair Your Accumeasure AS-500 With Our Diverse Line of Non-Contact Measurement Solutions

To further enhance your measurement capabilities, consider pairing your Accumeasure AS-500 with other non-contact measurement tools from MTI Instruments. Our products include high-precision displacement sensors, vibration measurement tools, and more. Combining these tools allows you to create a unique measurement system that delivers precision and accuracy like none other.

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