RazorPlus Express CompuScope | 14-Bit Digitizer / Oscilloscope
2-CHs @ 500 MS/s, 250 MHz Bandwidth, PCIe Gen3 Real-Time Data Streaming

The GaGe RazorPlus Express CompuScope is a dual-channel 14-bit digitizer supporting A/D sampling rates up to 500 MS/s with up to 250 MHz input bandwidth.

ADC data can be captured in dual channel or single channel modes with six software selectable input voltage ranges at ±100 mV, ±200 mV, ±500 mV, ±1 V, ±2 V, and ±5 V with dedicated 50 Ω or 1M Ω input impedance.

With eXpert PCIe Data Streaming Firmware, acquired data can be simultaneously streamed to host PC memory via the PCIe Gen3 x8 interface at sustained rates up to 2 GB/s (2-CHs * 250 MS/s per CH * 2 bytes per sample for 14-bit data) for real-time continuous signal recording operations.

Optionally stream acquired data from the RazorPlus Express to a high-performance Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) for signal processing and data recording in real-time! Gage CompuScope C SDK ready-made compiled sample programs illustrate PCIe data streaming to a GPU and effective exploitation of GPU parallelized vector processing to attain 10X ~ 100X faster analysis rates than the host CPU.

The RazorPlus Express can also be combined with wideband downconverters to be the heart of a wideband, multi-channel, RF/Microwave signal analysis and recording system that can cover signal frequencies up to 27 GHz with 160 MHz bandwidth.

Starting at $8,175