Rack-mounted PBS-4100+ Vibration and Balancing System

PBS-4100R+ Test Cell Vibration and Balancing System

The “one-shot” balancing solution for test cells.

Test cell vibration analysis and jet engine trim balance instruments and accessories for commercial and military aviation gas turbine engines. Designed to quickly isolate engine problems and locate troubles. Rapid configuration and intuitive user interface make it straightforward and uncomplicated to use.

In testing an engine, the operator will execute a vibration survey on the turbine engine. The survey is a slow cycling of engine speed from idle to maximum, then back down to idle again. As this occurs, the PBS-4100+ test cell balancing system will measure the vibration contribution from each of the spools and plot its findings on a series of plots (most notably, a “Speed versus Vibration” plot. In addition, the overall vibration is also plotted.