951 6KV AC/DC/IR/LR Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer

95X Series Hipot Testers

Power & Versatility for your Most Demanding Electrical Safety Test Applications

Vitrek built the 95X Series from the ground up with DSP technology – to bring you the safest, fastest, most capable, feature rich hipot testers available. The 95X Series combines high output power, with a wide range of AC & DC voltage outputs and extremely low leakage current measurement. Then we added a 4-wire milli-ohmmeter with dynamic range up to 100K ohms and an overlapping Tera-ohm class Insulation Resistance function. Top that off with an available 40 Amp Ground Bond capability and you’re just beginning to get a feel for what the Vitrek 95X Series Hipot Testers can do for you.

Why Versatile Hipot Testers Matter

Versatility is the name of the game in today’s fast-paced industrial environment. A hipot tester that can adapt to various testing scenarios — from production lines to field service applications — is a valuable asset for any industry. It’s what makes Vitrek’s fantastic selection of 95X Series Hipot Testers some of the finest on the market today and why you should get your hands on our products ASAP.

  • Safety Assurance: The primary role of a hipot tester is to ensure that all electrical insulation is functioning correctly, reducing the risk of electrical shock or fire. Well-being and safety, whether at home or work, largely depend on these devices.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Hipot testers aren’t just for safety checks. They also serve as preventive maintenance tools, identifying potential weaknesses in insulation before they escalate into significant problems. This proactive approach saves time, money, and resources. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: In many industries, hipot testing is a regulatory requirement. Having a versatile hipot tester is crucial for meeting various international standards and regulations, helping you avoid hefty fines and maintain your good standing in the industry.
  • Product Quality and Reliability: With a reliable hipot tester, you can ensure the quality and reliability of your electrical products. It helps to build trust with your customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and business growth. And with Hipot testers that are designed for specific needs from Vitrek, you can enjoy proper testing without the risk of any adverse issues. 

Can Your Industry Benefit From Our 95X Series Hipot Testers?

The Vitrek 95X Series Hipot Testers have found their place in a variety of industries due to their exceptional versatility, reliability, and user-friendly design. Let’s delve into an exploration of the sectors that can benefit from these cutting-edge devices:

Electronics Manufacturing

In the electronics manufacturing industry, ensuring the safety and quality of products is paramount. The Vitrek 95X Series Hipot Testers allow manufacturers to meticulously test electronic components and devices for insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown, ensuring each product meets stringent safety standards.

Medical Equipment Industry

In the medical sector, the malfunction of equipment can lead to severe consequences. Therefore, rigorous testing of medical devices is crucial. The Vitrek 95X Series allows thorough testing of medical equipment, ensuring they are safe for use in critical life-saving procedures and treatments.

Automotive Industry

With the rise of electric vehicles, the demand for reliable electrical testing equipment has surged in the automotive industry. The Vitrek 95X Series Hipot Testers are used to perform insulation tests on components like batteries, control units, and other electrical systems to ensure safety and performance.

Aerospace and Defense

The aerospace and defense industries require electrical systems that can withstand extreme conditions. The Vitrek 95X Series Hipot Testers offer high-voltage testing capabilities that ensure the resilience and safety of these systems, reducing the risk of failure during critical operations.

Renewable Energy

In the renewable energy sector, the Vitrek 95X Series Hipot Testers play a vital role in testing components like solar panels and wind turbines. These devices ensure the efficiency and safety of energy systems, supporting the shift towards cleaner and sustainable power sources.


Telecommunication equipment often features complex circuitry that needs thorough testing. Using Vitrek 95X Series Hipot Testers, companies can ensure the safety and reliability of their devices, preventing network failures and maintaining seamless communication.

Research & Development

In R&D departments, where new products are born, the Vitrek 95X Series Hipot Testers are invaluable. They ensure that new innovations meet safety standards from the get-go, reducing the need for costly redesigns and ensuring a smooth path to market.

Leverage Vitrek and Supercharge Your Projects With Our 95X Series Hipot Testers

With a wide range of AC & DC voltage outputs, high output power, and extremely low leakage current measurement, Vitrek’s testers are designed to deliver superior performance and versatility.

It’s time to step up your game. Reach out to Vitrek today and secure the 95X Series Hipot Testers for your business. Take the leap towards a safer, more efficient, and successful future.