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Wireless Capacitance Probe for measurment

A Bluetooth 2.4GHz wireless capacitive-gap sensor to accurately measure the distance to a grounded metal target

The system is a 2.4GHz wireless capacitive gap sensor paired with a receiving device.  Calibrated, it measures the distance to a grounded metal target. The transmitter can be permanently mounted on a fixture or threaded probe holder using two jam nuts. The probe/transmitter unit has two connectors. One connector is to attach the antenna and the second connector is to attach the battery for portable operation. Typically, the battery Amp hours is sized for the application. The receiver communicates with up to 4 wireless displacement sensors to receive displacement readings. The receiver interfaces as a RS-485 Modbus RTU device. The receiver device must also be connected to a suitable power supply. A “start sample” command is sent to the selected sensor to begin receiving data at a selected rate.

For single samples, a manual sample sequence command can be executed at any point. The sample sequence puts the sensor into a powered on state for a single sample cycle. Upon completion of the cycle, the sensor transmits the data and goes back to a low-power state. Both the transmitter “sensor” and receiver devices are “Bluetooth” radio frequency transceivers. They both are capable of transmitting and receiving digital packet messages.  Multiple sensor and receiver devices may be operated in a close environment as they will not interfere with each other. Users can program and calibrate the Probe assemblies with MTI provided software.