backup - 1510A-with-case-500w

1510A Portable Signal Generator and Calibrator

MTI’s 1510A portable signal generator is ideal for testing the integrity of sensor signal conditioning electronics. Encased in a rugged shell, this battery operated function generator can be used in the field to simulate sensor signals. It simulates eddy current, accelerometer, strain gauge and other types of pulse, sinusoidal, triangle, or digital pulse trains. The sweep function tests the frequency response of the subsequent signal conditioning devices.

Its highly accurate DC output can be used to calibrate electronic amplifiers’ gain settings such as strain gauge amplifiers. Its portability and features are popular for use among railroad signal servicing, power plant, test labs and many other laboratory uses. Because the 1510A is handheld and battery operated, it’s even been used to simulate low level medical EEG and EKG signals for calibration of signal conditioning equipment since it can be isolated from power ground.