Microtrak™ 3 TGS

The Microtrak™ 3 TGS system is specifically designed for thickness applications utilizing two lasers. The product can be used in a standalone configuration or easily interfaced with PLCs and PCs.

Each module contains an integral LCD display and keypad for setup and display of measurements. A USB serial port also allows control by a laptop computer. Basic PLC or control input/output is provided by discrete digital I/O lines or a Modbus® interface.

Laser Triangulation Principle

The Microtrak™ 3 TGS system uses the principle of laser triangulation to perform a one dimensional measurement of a target. The laser projects a beam of light onto a surface which is then reflected back. A CMOS array detects the position of the returned beam and is converted into a distance measurement. Auto Gain is used to optimize the laser power for the surface being measured. The laser is suitable for measuring all types of diverse surfaces such as metallic, wood, ceramic, steel, or plastics in all colors including black.

Customers select the Microtrak™ TGS laser sensor because it:

Simple to use thickness gauge
  • is a complete standalone thickness system
  • makes a synchronized thickness measurement
  • provides a process control signal when targets are out of specification

MTI Instruments, Inc. offers several styles and types of non-contact sensors that can be customized to your exact requirements. If you have a difficult application to solve, contact our experienced team of application specialists who will thoroughly analyze your requirements and guide you to a practical, cost-effective solution.