Industrial Applications

Avionics Bus Monitoring

Customer Case

The requirement is to monitor anomalies on an avionics bus that controls systems aboard spacecrafts. The customer will know typical rise times, and therefore, will look for anomalous high-voltage pulses that may occur due to sunspots or cosmic rays.

An A/D card with at least 12-bits of vertical resolution is required to capture anomalous glitches for characterization. The required sampling speed is 50 KHz, on two simultaneous channels that monitor two bus lines. The input signal bandwidth is typically 4 KHz. The customer would like to write his own data acquisition application programs in C++. For proof of concept, 1 MegaSample acquisition of memory will suffice.

GaGe Case Solution

The CompuScope 1450 was recommended. The CS1450 is a 14-bit, 50 MS/s A/D and Scope Card for the PCI Bus. Initially, the customer was looking at the CompuScope 1250, which is a 12-bit 50 MS/s card. The CS1250 met the resolution requirements, but it would not sample down to the KS/s range. A CS1450 can sample down to 1 KS/s, thereby meeting the 50 KHz sampling speed requirement. The added resolution is a bonus.

A CompuScope Software Development Kit for C/C++ was also recommended. GaGe SDKs are supplied with manuals explaining syntax and function definitions. Many sample programs are supplied within the SDK to enable developers to be up and running quickly. GaGeScope is a Windows-based PC oscilloscope software which adds value as a prototyping demonstration and debugging tool. The Standard Edition of GaGeScope is supplied with the CompuScope SDK.

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Industrial Application Request

We encourage you to contact us and discuss your industrial application in more detail with our engineering team. GaGe can provide tailored custom data acquisition hardware and software solutions to meet specific application requirements.