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NOTE: QT Enterprise Demo Software will download as a .exe file.

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The software will function for 45 days from date of installation.  To purchase your software key you may order via our website, call (858) 689-2755 or email info@vitrek.com.

QT Enterprise Software

QT Enterprise Offline Version: 532MB, contains the SQL Server component in the package; suitable for those users who are installing on a workstation that does not have Internet access.

QT Enterprise Online Version: 13MB, suitable for installing on a workstation with Internet access or updating QT Enterprise as the SQL Server component is downloaded only if necessary.

QT Enterprise Workstation Version: 11MB, suitable for installing on a workstation where the database is on another machine. The software will not operate without a database.

Test Result Reporting

QT Enterprise produces reports that can be printed or saved to PDF formatted files. There are four report detail levels, click on a level to download an example. The examples are to illustrate the report contents and are not necessarily actual test results. The system allows for a user banner image to be selected for all reports, and/or a banner image selected for each sequence.

V7X Series Hipot Tester Reports

Brief – https://vitrek.com/downloads/qtenterprise/QTE_v7x_Report_Brief.pdf

Normal – https://vitrek.com/downloads/qtenterprise/QTE_v7x_Report_Normal.pdf

Full – https://vitrek.com/downloads/qtenterprise/QTE_v7x_Report_Full.pdf

Full+Charts – https://vitrek.com/downloads/qtenterprise/QTE_v7x_Report_Full+Charts.pdf

95X Series Hipot Tester Reports