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The software will function for 45 days from date of installation.  To purchase your software key you may order via our website, call (858) 689-2755 or email info@vitrek.com.

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QT Enterprise Software

QT Enterprise Offline Version: 532MB, contains the SQL Server component in the package; suitable for those users who are installing on a workstation that does not have Internet access.

Download QT Enterprise Software – Offline Version v108 (.EXE)

QT Enterprise Online Version: 13MB, suitable for installing on a workstation with Internet access or updating QT Enterprise as the SQL Server component is downloaded only if necessary.

Download QT Enterprise Software – Online Version v108 (.EXE)

QT Enterprise Workstation Version: 11MB, suitable for installing on a workstation where the database is on another machine.

Download QT Enterprise Software – Workstation Version v108 (.EXE)



Download QT Enterprise User Manual (.PDF)

Test Result Reporting

QT Enterprise produces reports that can be printed or saved to PDF formatted files. There are four report detail levels, click on a level to download an example. The examples are to illustrate the report contents and are not necessarily actual test results. The system allows for a user banner image to be selected for all reports, and/or a banner image selected for each sequence.







For Automated Test Sequencing

Vitrek’s Most Powerful & Flexible Electrical Safety Test Automation Software Available….Yet Surprisingly Easy-To-Use and Affordable!

Maximum Flexibility – QT Enterprise software is available for use with Vitrek V7X and 95X Series Hipot testers in addition to the 98X Series of IR Tester/Teraohmmeters to streamline your test sequences and provide the features you want…and need…for your electrical safety tests.

Procedures stored via QT Enterprise can be recalled via a barcoded scan to enable fast and accurate setup. In situations where multiple test points are involved, the software can interface with Vitrek’s 964i High Voltage Switching Systems, operating in conjunction with V7X & 95X Hipot Testers to further automate the process. For complex setups, QT Enterprise can display detailed instructions and images to the operator to ensure proper connections prior to testing.

Maximize Productivity – Increase productivity and eliminate human error by using a barcode scanner to read the DUT model number and instantly bring up the correct, ready-to-run test sequence. Multiple DUT model numbers can be linked to a given test sequence. When configured to require a serial number entry, the barcode scanner can load the data and launch the test all from the tug of a trigger. Vitrek’s QT Enterprise software is the most powerful and easy-to-use test automation software in the industry. Download a copy today and watch your productivity shift into hyper speed.

Maximum Results – QT Enterprise records the results of every test. By using fi ltering functions provided, individual tests can be recalled for auditing purposes or detailed analysis on testing or product performance. Results of recalled tests can be saved as PDF or CSV as if the test was just performed.

QT Enterprise provides a clean and intuitive means for creating and modifying a virtually unlimited number of electrical safety testing procedures. Each test sequence can have as many as 999 steps to perform a comprehensive range of electrical safety tests including AC and/or DC voltage withstand, insulation resistance, ground bond testing and others. Barcode reading of device-under-test (DUT) model and serial number assures proper application of required tests.

QT Enterprise only communicates with the tester (and optionally, the switch units) when required to do so. This means that work with QT Enterprise on any computer can be performed to define users, system configurations and/or test sequences without requiring specific interface hardware or the units themselves.

Download a Free 45 Day Trial of QT Enterprise and see for yourself how easy testing can be! Visit the downloads section for details!

Product Features and Benefits

  • Configurations, test sequences, test results, users and other system settings are stored on a local PC or in a central SQL database accessible through a network
  • Test data is easily accessible and user may sort and filter a list of results based on your specific needs
  • Integrates with barcode scanner to read DUT model and bring up the correct, ready-to-run test sequence
  • Multimedia Setup Instructions can be incorporated into test sequences providing operator with visual prompts for easy and accurate DUT hookup
  • FEasy-to-Use graphical setup screens allow for quick and easy test setup
  • Quick and Easy setup or modification of test sequences via intuitive function buttons within the software
  • Auto-Save Test Results to a predetermined file location for ease of access
  • Automated Multi-Point Switching – software capable of integrating the Vitrek 964i High Voltage Scanning Matrix into any desired test to automate test point selection on multi-point devices or “batch test” DUTs for even higher throughput
  • Advanced Admin Tab allows for quick and easy user setup and administration including editing, deleting and assigning access levels for test procedures


For Full Specifications contact Vitrek

Operating Systems
– Windows XP SP3
– Windows Vista SP1 or later
– Windows 7
– Windows 8 (Desktop Applications)
– Windows 10

Supported Architecture
– x86 (32 bit)
– x64 (64 bit)

Hardware Requirements
Recommended Minimum: 2 GHz Processor speed or higher with 2 GB Ram (Hardware requirements may be greater due to OS requirements).

A Vitrek 951, 952, 953, 954, 955, 956, 957 or 959 instrument running main firmware v2.02 or later
A Vitrek V7X instrument running main firmware v1.10 or later recommended
A Vitrek 98X IR Tester/Teraohmmeter

Switch Units (Optional)
Any of Vitrek model 948, V75 or V76 instruments. Different models cannot be intermixed in the same system.

Ordering & Accessories

You may download a FREE 45 day trial of QT Enterprise Software by clicking here. Use the models below to purchase the QT Enterprise License Key which is required once the free 45 trial ends..  You must specify the product the software is being used with when ordering. For questions contact Vitrek at (858) 689-2755 or email info@vitrek.com.

Below prices in US$ are for destinations in North America with terms of prepay, net 30 days (OAC) and accepted credit cards. For shipment beyond North America or terms beyond 30 days, please contact the factory for a quotation.

QT Enterprise Software

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vitrek QT enterprise software logoQTE-7QT Enterprise Sofware License Key for use with V7x products$1,150.00

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vitrek QT enterprise software logoQTE-9QT Enterprise Sofware License Key for use with 98x an 95x products.$1,728.00

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